How to record Skype calls

How to record Skype calls in 4 quick steps

When I first began creating podcasts, one of the areas that frustrated me was coming up with a consistent way to record the audio for each podcast interview. While we used Skype, I wanted a convenient way to be able to record Skype calls – whether on a PC or a Mac and to be able to use my own equipment.

Why I chose Skype to record calls

While most of my podcast interviews are with people who live in the United States, a large part of my audience is overseas. The great thing about using Skype is that it’s easy to setup – and it allows me to use my Internet connection to meet with individuals across the world.

Another benefit is that you can use Skype for audio calls. Skype also supports videos calls over Skype as well.

One other reason I chose Skype was because it’s mainly free.

To record Skype calls, follow the instructions below.

How to record Skype calls


To record your Skype calls, follow these steps.

  1. Download CallNote and install it
  2. Launch Skype, launch CallNote
  3. In CallNote, under Call Recording, check the box, “always start recording when call starts”
  4. Start your Skype call

Once you’ve finished recording a Skype call, one thing I really like about this solution is that it can automatically save your recording back to Dropbox, Evernote, or to other storage solutions.

Is there a cost to record Skype calls?

How to record Skype calls

The great thing about using CallNote  to record Skype calls is that it’s free.

If you step-up to the premium version of CallNote (which is also free), you can record both Skype audio calls and Skype video calls.

There is also no cost to saving a recorded Skype call back to Dropbox or Evernote  – you just need to have an account.

Overall, this was the easiest solution that I’ve found to record Skype calls. Using this process, I can also use my Blue Yeti microphone, which lets me create high-quality audio recordings.

Are there other solutions to record Skype calls?

When I was looking for a ways to record Skype calls, most of the solutions I came across were clunky or did not work very well across different operating systems.

With CallNote it is fast, convenient, and reliable to record Skype calls.

Have you tried other solutions to record Skype calls? I would like to hear what tools you have tried and what you liked (or didn’t like) about them.