Google Plus embedded posts

Take Google+ further with Google+ Embedded Posts

Google Plus embedded posts

Google Plus recently rolled out Google Plus embedded posts. Now before you think they’re copying Facebook, Twitter, or Vine, hold that thought.

What Google Plus embedded posts do is they let you take a status update from Google Plus and share it on your favorite blog or website. Big deal, right?

Why use Google Plus embedded posts on your blog or website?

When I first saw this feature from Google, it got me excited. This is because with Google Plus embedded posts, you’re not just including an image of a post from Google Plus.

Instead, you get to do the following with Google Plus embedded posts:

  • Embed a Google Plus post
  • Circle the author
  • +1 a post
  • Share a post
  • Comment on a post
  • Follow the entire conversation outside of Google Plus

This is kind of a big deal (and an advantage), because now you have a way to share content on Google Plus – where you can engage with one set of users.

If you want to take things a step further though, you can take that content (and the entire conversation) off to your blog or website by using Google Plus embedded posts to engage with a different audience who might not be connected with you on Google Plus.

This also allows your readers to do the same on their blog or website, which in-turn can help spread the word about your content and allow those readers who haven’t yet connected with you to add you to their circles.

Penchant for Google Plus

For anyone who has spoken with me at length about Google Plus, you’ll know that I also see this having huge SEO benefits. While this isn’t happening now, it’s coming.

The more you embed and engage with Google Plus content, the more likely Google is to boost the SEO ranking for that website.

Still not sure if Google Plus embedded posts are THAT valuable?

Here is an example of using Google Plus embedded posts within your blog or website. Notice all of the touch-points that you can interact with.

Follow these instructions to learn how to embed Google Plus posts on your blog or website.

Using Google Plus posts to grow your social presence


  1. Login to Google Plus
  2. Hover over a status update and select the options dropdown (right corner)
  3. Copy the embed code
  4. Go to your blog or website and paste the Google Plus embed code

Common questions about using Google Plus embedded posts


Where can I embed Google Plus posts at?

Google Plus posts can be embedded on any blog or website that accepts HTML

What types of blogs can I use Google Plus embedded posts on?

Google Plus posts can be embedded in Blogger and WordPress, along with many other popular blogging platforms.

What privacy settings do I need to be able to embed a post from Google Plus?

To use Google Plus embedded posts, the post needs to be set to public. Otherwise, you won’t get the option to embed a post.

Now, one last thing – just think of all the blog posts you can create and support with real data from thought leaders across the web when you use Google Plus embedded posts.

Hopefully this got the wheels turning. Now it’s your turn. How do you see yourself using embedded posts? Let me know by leaving a comment below.