Facebook marketing success

Achieving Facebook marketing success for business

With over one billion users and new features being added weekly, it’s no doubt, why Facebook is good for business. But with so many changes happening, it can be difficult for businesses to keep up with all of them. As a result, it makes it hard to achieve Facebook marketing success.

While businesses recognize the need to implement different types of promotions on Facebook, what can businesses do to leverage Facebook as a marketing vehicle to drive engagement, interactions, and sales?

This infographic shows you different types of Facebook promotions that you can implement within your business to help achieve Facebook marketing success.

Here are a few of our favorite highlights from the infographic.

  • 98% of retail websites had a Facebook Page in 2012 (tweet this)
  • 33% of online shoppers have made a purchase based on seeing an item on a friend’s Facebook news feed (tweet this)
  • Implement the STIR method when trying to decide which posts to promote on Facebook

Keep reading to learn more about different types of Facebook promotions that you can implement in your business to help achieve success with using Facebook.

How to set your business up for Facebook marketing success

Before you can begin to achieve success with Facebook, it is important to know about your options. In fact, there are 27 different Facebook Ad types that you can use to help promote your content to fans.

How do you know which one you should use though to bring your business closer to achieving Facebook marketing success?

Follow the steps outlined below to put your business on the path to success with Facebook.

Facebook marketing success

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Facebook marketing success tips

To achieve success with Facebook, makes sure your business is ready to invest in the platform. Hopefully this infographic has shown you some helpful ways you use promotions to help achieve Facebook marketing success.

Have you tried any of the Facebook promotions listed? Which of these ways have worked best for your business?

Leave a comment below with the Facebook marketing tips you’ve implemented and which ones performed the best.