Social media keyboard shortcuts

85+ Time-Saving Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts – Infographic

Are you looking to become more efficient with your social media management?

This way you can spend less time managing your channels and more time creating content to grow your business.

One of the fastest ways is to learn social media keyboard shortcuts.

What are keyboard shortcuts?

For those of you not familiar with keyboard shortcuts, they’re a faster way to access features within a program without the need to access a menu.

Instead, you can press a combination of keys to perform the same function.

My favorite keyboard shortcut is Command + Shift + 4 to take a screenshot.

This particular shortcut has saved me lots of time when creating blog posts or writing articles because I can quickly take a screenshot using just my keyboard.

Why are social media shortcuts important?

Today, we aren’t just using keyboard shortcuts on the computer.

We’re also spending more of our time on social networks.

Because we don’t have a lot of time to waste, we need to be aware of the many social media shortcuts that are available.

This way we can work faster because of the demands on our time.

This article is going to take a look at social media keyboard shortcuts for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus and Tumblr.

Social media keyboard shortcuts

Social media keyboard shortcuts
Social media keyboard shortcuts can save you time on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and Google Plus. Courtesy of Setup A Blog Today

Additional social media keyboard shortcuts

Besides the shortcuts that I shared, here are some more in-depth keyboard shortcuts you will also want to learn.


In order to learn these social media keyboard shortcuts, it will take some practice.

Once you start using them regularly, you’ll start to save yourself a lot of time on the different social networks.

Question: Which of these social media keyboard shortcuts do you find most useful? Share your answer on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.