Suggest an edit on Facebook

Rename your Facebook Page with suggest an edit

Have you tried to rename your Facebook Page; however, you’re over the 200 fan limit? If you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic or create a new Facebook Page just yet. Instead, here’s a shortcut using the suggest an edit feature on Facebook.

We’re going to walk you through renaming your Facebook Page using the suggest an edit feature, which should help save you time when you need to rename your Facebook Page.

The problem

Once you reached 200 fans on your Facebook Page or you have changed your Facebook Page name one time, you no longer have the ability to rename your Facebook Page.

This isn’t so bad unless you are going through a rebranding or you’ve spelled your business name incorrectly. If you’re in this situation, you are essentially stuck with the name you chose when you launched your Facebook Page.

Fortunately, you can fix this issue and rename  your Facebook Page with the help of suggest an edit on Facebook.

The solution

Instead of creating a new Facebook Page, you can rename your Facebook Page with the help of the suggest an edit feature on Facebook.

This feature also comes in handy because you can retain your Facebook vanity URL, keep your fans, and all of the content you have shared on your Facebook Page.

To use this feature, here are a few things to know when renaming your page.

  • Make sure the category of your Facebook Page is set to local business
  • Gather 15-20 of your friends or fans
  • Tell them what you want to rename your Facebook Page to
  • Have them enter it in the page name in the suggest an edit area on your Facebook Page

Seems simple, right?

Now that you’ve done the preliminary work, here are the instructions you need to use suggest an edit to rename a Facebook Page.

Note: Be sure you follow these exact instructions. Otherwise, it may not work for your page.

If you are concerned about changing the category on your page, you can always change that part back.

Suggest an edit on Facebook to rename a Facebook Page

Step 1: Have your friends or fans visit your Facebook Page

Step 2: Click on “suggest an edit”

If you’re not sure you want to suggest an edit, here is an overview on what happens when you suggest an edit on a Facebook Page.

Suggest an edit on Facebook
Suggest an edit on Facebook to rename a Facebook Page.

You will need at least 15 or so people to suggest an edit to your Facebook Page.

Also, you cannot suggest an edit on your own Facebook Page. Only your friends and fans can make suggestions.

Step 3: Suggesting an edit on your Facebook Page

When people go to suggest an edit, they will see the following box.

In the name field, have them enter in the name you want to rename your Facebook Page to.

Suggesting an edit on a Facebook Page
Screenshot of the suggest an edit feature on Facebook.

Step 4: Renaming your page

After having your friends and fans suggest an edit on Facebook, the next time you login, Facebook will prompt you about these suggestions.

At this point, you can accept the changes and this will rename your Facebook Page.

If you changed your category, you can change it back once your Facebook Page is renamed.

Source: Suggest edits on Facebook places pages

Other ways to rename a Facebook Page

Besides using the suggest an edit feature to rename your Facebook Page, there are other ways to rename a Facebook Page.

As we mentioned though, they are more time-consuming.

For example, you can merge Facebook Pages; however, this process is more involved and it requires losing access to your Facebook vanity URL.


While the feature to suggest an edit on Facebook works right now, it may not always work.

If you are serious about renaming your Facebook Page, I would capitalize on this opportunity while it is still available.

If you need to rename your Facebook Page, what are some reasons why you want to suggest an edit on Facebook to rename your page? Leave a comment below.


  • Andrew

    Do you know if there is a way to send a message to a fan to ask them to “suggest a change” without doing a full status update on the page?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @40be297e10e5a0c469993dfe07e83221:disqus, Facebook Pages can only message fans if the fan sent them a message first. They cannot initiate a message to a fan.

  • Viðar Guðjohnsen

    Has this already changed? When I “Suggest an Edit” I can only “suggest category change” and “add an official page” but no suggest a name change is available.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @6b2449e3f94c3083f4276847b142a4f1:disqus, I just tested it on some other Facebook Pages and suggest an edit is still there. You can also rename the Facebook Page.

      Do you have another request already in?

  • Catalina Popa

    How long does it take to get the notification from facebook , after 30 fans suggest the name edit/change? thanks

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @catalina_popa:disqus, yes. If there is anything I can do to help move it along (like put in another suggestion), let me know. Happy to help.

      • Catalina Popa

        Thank you for the fast reply, 30 fans of my page already suggested the name change of my business page. And i still havent got any answer/notification from facebook . I was curious how long does it take until facebook will send me the notification abount changing the name.

        • Christian Karasiewicz

          There isn’t really a timeframe as to when they respond.

          I’ve noticed other notifications aren’t going out on Facebook. I think there may be an issue going on right now.

          Happy to add another suggestion for your page to see if that helps. Feel free to send me the information you want to change.

          • Catalina Popa

            thanks, I”ll wait few more days and after I ‘llt ry to merge facebook pages in order to change the location name. we are a pub & restaurant and we are going through a process of redevelopment and rebranding as a result we want to change the name of the location and to keep the audience from facebook page

          • Christian Karasiewicz

            I would try the suggest an edit option. If that doesn’t work, I would go through the merge process.

            Here are instructions.


  • Tshepo Hooper

    Hi Christian, can you help me out with suggesting, the name of the page is ‘Sasol Solar Challenge’ and its my companies page, i really do not want to get in trouble with the bosses, i changed the name from SA Solar Challenge to the above mentioned, now i want to change it back to SA Solar Challenge, the thing is i want this to be discreet, without the fans or other managers knowing about this, as i said, i might get in trouble for this, please help. thank you

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      Hi @tshepohooper:disqus, there’s not really a discreet way to do this. I would say do it and ask for forgiveness later.

      • Tshepo Hooper

        See, you don’t understand how critical this is, thanks though

        • Christian Karasiewicz

          @tshepohooper:disqus, I understand how important this is; however, when you rename a page, it’s part of Facebook’s process to notify fans that a page they have liked is changing its name. There isn’t a way to avoid this.

  • Ming

    Hi Christian, is this method not working anymore? I got 15+ suggestions already but there’s not such notification nor suggestion 🙁

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @disqus_h9zlXoTq7o:disqus, I would try to get a few more. 15 is the baseline; however it has varied from user to user.

      Happy to help suggest an edit on your page. What are you trying to change?

  • Rachael Brown

    Hi, im really hoping this works for me too. Where does facebook notify you that there have been suggestion, does it just pop up? Or an email? Thanks for your great advise.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @disqus_Llk1hyALs4:disqus, it should pop-up when you go to your Facebook Page.

  • Lokman

    Hi, I have 70k+ page, it’s sports catagory, i have no option for change anything, even have no ” suggest option” how can i change page name, also can u tell me, how can i change username, please….

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      The “suggest an edit” option is one way.

      Can you send me a link to your page?

      Suggest an edit only shows up for fans, not the page admin.

      Another way is to create a new Facebook Page and to merge your current page into your new page.

      Here are instructions on doing this. This only combines the fans from both pages.

  • Michal Charizma

    Hello Christian,
    I want to change name of my page,because of small change of our bussiness.A wrote a many of my friends to help me with ,,suggest an edit,, option,but no respond from facebook.Somewhere on internet,was written,that this method was blocked 2 days ago from Facebook because of big virality of this option.Is it true? How can I change my page name? It is quite a important because the Christmas is coming.Thank you

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      Michal Charizma, I’ve heard mixed things about this working and not working for all users. In your situation, you have a few other options.

      1. Look under your name in the settings menu. Some pages can request a name change.

      2. Create a new Facebook Page with the new name and merge your old page into the new one.

      This last one isn’t my favorite, but it usually gets the job done albeit at the expense of losing your vanity URL, and the content you shared on your old page.


      • Michal Charizma

        Hello Christian,

        I have created a new Facebook page.My URL on the new page is right,because first of all I have changed URL of the old page,so new page is created with right name and URL.Last problem is how to move all 950 fans from old one.Because I hava no option on my Facebook to merge pages,and your link to request merge page is invalid.


        • Christian Karasiewicz

          Michal Charizma, can you try the links again?

          My links definitely work – I just double-checked them.

          The problem is on Facebook’s end. Facebook has had a lot of problems lately with their links staying up.

          To move your fans, all you need to do is submit the merge request and then wait for Facebook’s approval.

          I would use the link that I mention in step one under “How to merge Facebook Pages.”

          This should take you right to where you need to go to complete this task.


          • Michal Charizma

            Of course,

            It still shows :

            Sorry, this page isn’t available
            The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.

            I dont know why it doesnt go.

          • Christian Karasiewicz

            Michal Charizma, which link are you trying to get to?

            This one? It definitely works. Just tried it again.



          • Michal Charizma

            Hello Christian,

            My page was succesfully renamed,using your link.
            In my PC it still shows,that there is some error,but If I sent it to my friend from US,it was OK.Maybe there is some limitation for EU users.
            Thanks you very much for your Help!!


          • Christian Karasiewicz

            @michalcharizma:disqus, glad to hear you were able to rename your page using the suggest an edit feature on Facebook!

            Regarding any errors, can you post a screenshot of the error? It’s very possible that it is country specific.

          • Michal Charizma

            This is screenshot 🙂

          • Christian Karasiewicz

            @michalcharizma:disqus, have you tried clearing your browser cache? Also, have you tried using a different browser to see if the problem persists? Feel free to post a link and I can test on my end too.


  • Marie Olin

    Hi Christian.
    I hope you can help!
    We are in a pressure situation and are forced to change our company name in the facebook.
    We have 18,000 members, and those I will not lose: (
    We’re a little panic and have a deadline!
    Have a suggestion?
    Or another way where I can quickly get in touch with you?
    It is urgent 🙂
    I hope you can help me quickly.

    Many Greet

  • Grace Baz

    Hello !!!
    How are you today ?
    I have tried the “suggest an edit” option, I got help from my fb friends, but I still do not have any notification allowing me to change my page’s name…Could you help me out ? I might have skipped a step…? Thank you in advance !

    • George

      Same here. We asked 28 people to suggest an edit. No result.

      • Christian Karasiewicz

        George, how long has it been? Remember, using the suggest an edit tip does not work for all Facebook accounts. Also, from time to time, Facebook patches this fix and so you have to use their other methods like doing a page merge.


        • George

          It’s been about 5 days so far and no result. I even tried to contact FB by sending a report and using the text field asking them to merge and rename but nothing. I will see your other post. Are there any other workarounds I could try?

          • Christian Karasiewicz

            Another option is to create a new page and merge the old page into the new one, which I linked to above.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @gracebaz:disqus, I have heard that they fixed this to where this does not work anymore. I would give it one last try, as each Facebook account operates a little differently for each user.

  • Christian Karasiewicz

    Michal Charizma, I would use these instructions instead. Facebook’s instructions don’t work.

    You can select the exact pages here.


  • Christian Karasiewicz

    Hi @adarshmohan:disqus, the name you’re looking to use isn’t allowed. For example, you cannot include multiple capital letters. Also, punctuation in a page name is not allowed either.

    The reason you may see this on other pages (or your own) is because Facebook used to allow this and now they don’t. So they grandfathered in those pages.


  • Liran Kapoano

    Hi Christian, are there any other categories that this works for? I just created a “community” page a few days ago and already have hit almost 5,000 likes. Now I just have to correct a typo that I noticed a few hours after setting it up but I was already over the threshold argh. I don’t really want to change the category to a “local business” because that’s just not what it is…

    Can you help???

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @lirankapoano:disqus, this did work for any category. But I think Facebook has closed this loophole now.

      You may want to look at an alternative, such as creating a new page and merging the old page with the new one.

      I realize this isn’t ideal, but this is the only method that really seems to work for everyone.

  • Bradley Channer

    I have changed myself to a local business, but facebook still won’t let even my followers suggest a name edit.. Only a URL edit..

    Any ideas? Would love the help


    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @bradleychanner:disqus, have you tried using some of the other categories? In the example above, we used Insurance Agent.

      This way you can try and get the change made and then revert back to the category. Each category provides different options to edit.

      • Bradley Channer

        Still no love 🙁

        I tried that. I couldn’t fin Insurance Agent anywhere. I tried different local businesses, other and even a book shop. And non of them made a difference 🙁 Any other ideas..

        • Christian Karasiewicz

          @bradleychanner:disqus did you try the one I have on my Facebook Page?

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  • Christian Karasiewicz


    The loophole to rename your page using suggest an edit was closed. Now, your only options are to go through the settings menu – if you don’t have the option to rename your page there, you’ll have to create a new page and perform a page merge.

    Here are instructions.

    Should you have additional questions or need my help, feel free to setup a Facebook One-on-One Coaching session with me.


  • me

    does it work?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      Some people have been able to still get this to work; however, this loophole was patched a few months back.

  • craig m

    I have about 7000 fans and want to change the name to my handle, which is actually our business name, from another relevant name other than our business name. I believe we’ve already done a merge/name-change in the past so Im having lots of difficulty. With the “request an edit” still work?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      You can try it – Facebook changes things often. It didn’t work a few months ago; however, they have been known to add features back in without letting you know.

      I think in this situation, it’s worth a shot.

      Can you send me a private message with additional details on what is going on with your page name – what the challenges were and where you are getting stuck?

      Send it here:

  • Kathy

    I work in the real estate industry and just hired an agent from another firm who would like to change his affiliation to our firm on his business FB page. I do not see the “suggest an edit” any longer. Is there an update to the instructions above?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      Are you an admin on the page? If so, you won’t see it. Others who are not an admin would need to make this suggestion.

      As far as if this still works, this was closed down a few months ago – but I think it’s still worth trying. Each account is a little different and some accounts may still be able to get this to work.

      If you can’t get it to work, the options to change a page name are extremely limited.

      1. Suggest an edit

      2. Create a new page and merge the old page with the new one

      3. Contact Facebook – not guaranteed to work.


  • Varsha

    I am managing a celebrity page, but the celebrity has changed his name from “Manish Raisinghani” to “Manish Raisinghan”. and he wants his page to have the same name. I tried placing a request for name change, but the URL is broken I guess or at least that’s what facebook is saying. When I am clicking on Request Change, this is what facebook is saying. Please help.

    FYI, this is the 1st time we are requesting for a change.
    Sorry, this page isn’t available
    The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      Varsha, some of the links don’t work outside of the United States or Canada. What country are you located in?

      As far as changing the page name, if you don’t have the option to change the name under Facebook Page settings, your only option is to really create a new page and merge the old one with the new one.

      Here are instructions to help you out with that.

  • Emilia Pontacq

    I’m managing a FB page with almost 400 fans, its category is Local business, and have already submitted a request to fb for changing its name (it’s been a month already). I’ve asked fans to suggest an edit, and they did (at least 20 of them, I’m sure they were more), but facebook hasn’t recommended ANY. What can I do?

  • Kisty Mea

    Doesn’t work anymore?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @kisty:disqus, it may still work for some users. Each account is a bit different. If you can’t get it to work (it takes a bit of effort to get someone to suggest an edit), here are some other ways to rename your Facebook Page.

      • Kisty Mea

        Thanks Christian! I’ve pretty much tried everything on that page. I already submitted a request using #3 and #2, so I’m hoping for the best. But I doubt they’ll accommodate my request.

        As for the suggest edits, I’ve asked at least 30 edits for a page with 3200+ likes. No notification came, so… 🙁

        • Christian Karasiewicz

          I would try the options I suggested in the article above. If none of them work, your last resort is to create a new Facebook Page with the right name and merge your old page into the new one. That’s really the only option if you can’t get the others to work for your account.

  • Kelly Martin

    It seems suggest an edit option does not offer the option to suggest a name anymore. Do you have anymore updated info on this?