How to back-up your Apple iPhone and Apple iPad

In today’s fast-paced world, we’re trading in the latest gadgets at an alarming rate. Here today, gone tomorrow, and it isn’t even 6 months old! With that in mind, I wanted to share with you all an important tip to help save you time and money (don’t want to lose those purchased apps) and that is — be sure to backup your devices often.

Recently, I was at the Apple Store having my phone replaced when the person next to me came in with an unresponsive Apple iPad 2. Unfortunately, they were instructed that they would have to reinstall all apps, music, contacts and more.

Having had a number of Apple products repaired, I can attest that it is VERY time-consuming to have to reload apps, music, contacts and more onto a device, let alone reorganize them in folders.  Luckily, I backup my device every week or so.

So that you don’t get into the same predicament, here’s a short video on how to backup your Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – not only will it help save you time, but by having a backup, you can make moving from an old device to a new one rather seamless. Here’s how!

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