3 types of questions to ask your Facebook fans

Know your Facebook fansPop quiz: Who are your top fans on your Facebook Page? For most Facebook Page owners, you probably don’t know this valuable information…but you should.

The bread and butter of any company who is using social media to build engagement with fans and potential customers isn’t the number of fans you have, nor is it the amount of cash you make off it. Rather, it is the relationships you build with your customers.

Why is this important?

Without fans who are engaged, it’s like trying to swim against the current. You’ll eventually get to your destination, but it will take you twice as long (if not longer). One other thing to remember, simply asking a question is not the key to finding out who your top fans are. What it will do is help stir interest.As a Facebook Page owner, you’ll want to pay attention to who responds and make a mental note on people you see responding on a recurring basis – these are the fans you want to ¬†focus in on and learn about, because they seem the most likely engaged fans because they’re responding often.

Below are three types of questions you can ask your fans starting today to help you learn more about them and to help you better engage with them.

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