Opting out of Google shared endorsements

How do you feel about Google sharing your profile in something called Google shared endorsements?

What are Google shared endorsements?

Google shared endorsements for reviews
Example of Google shared endorsements in product reviews.

Shared endorsements are a way for Google to share reviews and recommendations across Google products like YouTube, Google Maps, and the Google Play music store.

With shared endorsements, Google will use your Google Plus profile and name when your friends are browsing businesses, products, and websites to help boost recommendations.

By seeing what your friends like (and don’t like), this can help bring social proof and influence user decisions.

While shared endorsements are a great way to use social proof to influence user decisions, not everyone wants their photo and name displayed though.

The great thing is that Google makes it very easy to opt-out of Google shared endorsements.

To opt-out of Google shared endorsements, follow the instructions below.

How to opt-out of Google shared endorsements

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