7 Types of Twitter accounts to follow (and not follow)

Do you know which types of Twitter accounts to follow? With over 550 million accounts on Twitter, it can be difficult to know which types of Twitter accounts can help and hurt your Twitter influence.

Knowing who to follow

For those of you who think it doesn’t matter who you follow on Twitter, it does.

For starters, there is the Twitter ratio that limits how many people you can follow at one time.

The way this works is if you follow too many people and they don’t follow you back, Twitter can block you from following more people until you gain new followers.

This is one reason why it is important to follow users who will follow you back and retweet your content.

If you follow a bunch of people who won’t ever interact with you, they’re essentially just taking up space in your Twitter stream.

For example, while you may follow certain celebrities on Twitter, don’t expect them to follow you back. At the same time, don’t expect them to ever retweet your content or mention you on Twitter.

As I mentioned, you also want to be sure to follow Twitter accounts that will follow you back. These are important because when they follow you, they are going to then see your tweets in their Twitter stream and hopefully retweet you, pushing your tweets out to their followers.

The more you tweet good content and they retweet it, the better chance you have of growing your influence on Twitter as a result.

So what types of Twitter accounts are out there and which one’s should you be following?

Here’s a breakdown on 7 types of Twitter accounts to follow (and not follow).

  1. The Social Star
  2. The Butterfly
  3. The Distant Star
  4. The Private Eye
  5. The Cycler
  6. The Listener
  7. The Egghead

Let’s learn more about each of these types of Twitter accounts to follow (and not follow).

7 Types of Twitter accounts to follow (and not follow)

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The follower to following ratio dilemma on Twitter

So now that you’ve gotten set up on Twitter, you’ve probably received a few follower requests from Twitter and followed even more people in the process.

Following other Twitter users is important. This is because when you follow someone you’re essentially saying I want to see what this person talks about because it may be something I want to retweet (or send) to other people that are following me as well.

This is all fine and dandy to follow people because you want to hear what they are saying. This will help you create content or “social media” which you can then send to the people following you. This will keep them engaged and help you gain followers in the process.

So how do I gain followers? Simple!

  • Use Twitter Search to find people to follow that seem interesting
  • Retweet or forward content from Twitter users
  • Post your own tweets – remember to make your tweets public so that they can be found when someone is using Twitter Search

Once you begin gaining followers, it is important to maintain a good Twitter ratio. Basically, a Twitter ratio is having a balanced number of followers to people following you. Why is this important? Once you follow 2,000 people, you cannot follow anyone else until you have 2,000 people following you back. You’ll then get messages saying ‘unable to follow’ and so forth.

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