5 Twitter apps for tracking your stats

5 Twitter analytics tools for measuring your tweetsTwitter can be an extremely powerful social network to help your business capture leads and build better online engagement with customers and fans. While it is very easy to learn how to send a tweet, often times, this only produces more noise.  That’s why it is important to track and analyze your tweets on a consistent basis.

The benefit to doing this is that it helps you not only know where you stand regarding who is following you, but you can also see if your account is gaining followers or losing them. Most importantly, by analyzing your tweets on Twitter, you can know which tweets are working and which ones are not.  This way you can tweak your Twitter strategy so that your tweets are not only being seen, but also so that you get retweets, mentions, clicks on your links, and gain new followers.

If you already have a Twitter account or are completely new to Twitter, I suggest trying out these 5 apps for tracking and analyzing your tweets on Twitter.

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5 reasons why people aren’t following you back on Twitter

When Twitter launched, everyone looked at it as a great way to get people to follow you back and help you grow your audience. Unfortunately, a lot of people failed to realize that it wasn’t a ‘set it and forget it’ social network. Rather, Twitter is a site that requires a little time, some effort and a plan of attack to amass a strong and loyal following.

Here are 5 reasons why people aren’t following you back on Twitter.

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How to use Twitter advanced search to get more leads

Twitter advanced searchEver wanted to know how to use Twitter.com to get more leads for your business? A lot of people often dismiss Twitter, saying they don’t understand it or that it’s too complicated. In a nutshell, Twitter is pretty easy to use — in fact, it has a lot of great benefits.

One thing I especially like is that it’s a social network that actually let’s you listen in on conversations from anyone on Twitter without having to send a friend request or be connected to that person.  Additionally, you can search through Twitter conversations and learn more about the people, businesses, celebrities and brands on Twitter BEFORE you attempt to make a connection.

Why is this important? Think about it. If I were to go up to a complete stranger and start a sales pitch, not only would they look at me as being weird, but if they’re like most people, they have already made up their mind because of the awkward approach that I took.

The typical Twitter user would go to search.twitter.com; unfortunately, you’ll probably end up spending more time sifting through results that may not be relevant to what you’re looking for.  That’s where Twitter’s ‘advanced search’ feature comes into play.

For anyone who owns a business, where advanced search will help you is that you can target the tweets you’re looking for. For example, if I am looking for real estate agents, instead of looking for the broad topic of ‘real estate,’ I can specify to show tweets with the keyword of real estate within a 50 mile radius of California. This will help me not only narrow down the tweets I am looking for about a particular subject, but also show me just people in the area I have specified.

To start using Twitter’s advanced search, follow the instructions below.
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How to Embed A Tweet From Twitter In Seconds!

In early December, Twitter added a new feature for all Twitter users – the ability to embed tweets into websites or blogs. Emdedding a tweet into your website or blog is a feature that I’m really excited about – because now it takes all of the GREAT tweets you’ve possibly missed and gives users the ability to share them with the world outside of Twitter.

What this means for website owners are more opportunities to be social – and spread other users content that you found interesting. Along the way, this means better chances for building online engagement – you can also expect to pick-up a few new followers as well!

Key points about embedded tweets:

  • You can reply, retweet and favorite directly from an embedded tweet
  • You can follow a user from an embedded tweet – no extra clicks off to Twitter
  • If you’ve embedded a video, they play directly in the embedded tweet

Here’s how you can embed a tweet into your website or blog.

How to embed a tweet

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The follower to following ratio dilemma on Twitter

So now that you’ve gotten set up on Twitter, you’ve probably received a few follower requests from Twitter and followed even more people in the process.

Following other Twitter users is important. This is because when you follow someone you’re essentially saying I want to see what this person talks about because it may be something I want to retweet (or send) to other people that are following me as well.

This is all fine and dandy to follow people because you want to hear what they are saying. This will help you create content or “social media” which you can then send to the people following you. This will keep them engaged and help you gain followers in the process.

So how do I gain followers? Simple!

  • Use Twitter Search to find people to follow that seem interesting
  • Retweet or forward content from Twitter users
  • Post your own tweets – remember to make your tweets public so that they can be found when someone is using Twitter Search

Once you begin gaining followers, it is important to maintain a good Twitter ratio. Basically, a Twitter ratio is having a balanced number of followers to people following you. Why is this important? Once you follow 2,000 people, you cannot follow anyone else until you have 2,000 people following you back. You’ll then get messages saying ‘unable to follow’ and so forth.

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