Twitter Analytics apps

5 Twitter apps for tracking your stats

5 Twitter analytics tools for measuring your tweetsTwitter can be an extremely powerful social network to help your business capture leads and build better online engagement with customers and fans. While it is very easy to learn how to send a tweet, often times, this only produces more noise.  That’s why it is important to track and analyze your tweets on a consistent basis.

The benefit to doing this is that it helps you not only know where you stand regarding who is following you, but you can also see if your account is gaining followers or losing them. Most importantly, by analyzing your tweets on Twitter, you can know which tweets are working and which ones are not.  This way you can tweak your Twitter strategy so that your tweets are not only being seen, but also so that you get retweets, mentions, clicks on your links, and gain new followers.

If you already have a Twitter account or are completely new to Twitter, I suggest trying out these 5 apps for tracking and analyzing your tweets on Twitter.

Mention Mapp

MentionMapp Analyze tweets with MentionMappMentionMapp:

What it does: View the people who mention you - and who all they are connect to. This way you can find other people to follow that may share a common interest.  Try

Twitter Counter

Twitter CounterTwitter Counter analyticsTwitter Counter:

What it does: Provides you with an overview on how fast your Twitter account is growing and when you can expect to reach a certain number of followers.  Try

Tweet stats

Tweet statsMeasure Twitter analytics with TweetStatsTweetStats:

What it does: See how often someone replies to your tweets, the frequency of mentions you receive on Twitter, as well as the top trends from the past day, week, month or year.  Try Twitter analytics

What it does: Shorten URL's, analyze where users came from, how many times your links were clicked on, and create QR Codes.  Try


Twitter analytics using Twitalyzer Twitalyzer:

What it does: Find out who you tweet with - and where they are located. This way you're connecting with the right audience and hitting your target market.  Try

Remember, just because you have joined Twitter, does not guarantee that you will begin to gain quality followers. The key is to set measurable goals, such as gaining a certain number of followers, knowing how many times your content was retweeted, and especially knowing how well the links you shared performed. Were they clicked? How many times?

This way, you know how well your efforts are working at all times and can tweak them as you go along, substituting links that did not get clicks with ones you see get clicked on a lot.  In addition, you can learn who your influencers are on Twitter – those that retweet you or mention you and can follow them to help build out your Twitter network.  Remember, by analyzing your tweets on a frequent basis (at least once a week if you can spare the time), you can ensure that you have your finger on the pulse and that your efforts are not being wasted.