29 ways to help you stay creative [Infographic]

One of the challenges for anyone who has their own blog is creating quality content day in, day out. In most cases, we simply run out of ideas because we’re tired. What can you do to stay creative (besides taking a vacation to recharge your batteries)?

While the obvious answer is to take a vacation and recharge our batteries, not everyone can have this luxury. We either rely on our blog content as a source of revenue or we just don’t have that much vacation time available.

Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to help you stay creative when the energy just isn’t flowing.

These include:

  • Making lists
  • Drinking coffee (or your favorite caffeinated beverage)
  • Going somewhere new – so your brain can find new things to focus on to stimulate it
  • Listening to new music – studies show new music is good for your brain
  • Meeting new people

In addition to the ways to stay creative that we listed above, there are plenty more. In fact, there’s an entire infographic filled with additional ways you can stay creative to help you continue to churn out new content.

Remember, new content can include blog posts, images, videos, designs, even marketing ideas for your products.

29 ways to stay creative

How to stay creative

[Via Islam Abudaoud]

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