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To the moon with PostRocket and Mike Maghsoudi

Podcast interview with Mike Maghsoudi of PostRocketThis interview with Mike Maghsoudi, Co-founder of PostRocket, is the third in an interviews of interviews with professionals who are doing amazing things with social media.  

I am very honored to have the opportunity to interview the co-founder of PostRocketMike Maghsoudi.  I met Mike Maghsoudi a few months ago when I did a video review of PostRocket and I can’t say enough about his product, PostRocket.

If you have a Facebook Page and you’re not happy with the low amount of engagement – this means very few likes, comments or shares on your content, then you won’t want to miss this interview with Mike where he talks about PostRocket, how it influences your Facebook EdgeRank and he even shares a few valuable tips for Facebook Pages to help you get more of your content seen by others.

I hope you enjoy this interview with the founder of PostRocket, Mike Maghsoudi.

Here’s an overview of my interview with the founder of PostRocket, Mike Maghsoudi. I’ve included links at the bottom to listen to the full interview with PostRocket co-founder, Mike Maghsoudi.

Christian: Can you start off by telling us a little bit more about your background in social media tools like Facebook and as an entrepreneur, how you started PostRocket?

Mike Maghsoudi: Thanks for having me Christian. It has been an interesting journey over the past couple of years.  Initially, we got into consulting with big brands and celebrities and found a lot of success with what we were doing. Over time though, we got too much work and instead, decided to build a product that focused on what we did when consulting. So that’s what led us to PostRocket.

Christian: Why would someone need PostRocket over scheduling updates through Facebook? What is the value proposition that your tool offers?

Mike Maghsoudi: It’s a two-pronged value proposition. It’s about convenience and performance.  If you’ve tried scheduling posts on your Facebook Pages, it’s kind of a pain. There are lots of dropdown menus to pick the month, day, year, time. On top of that, if you use Facebook to schedule posts, there’s no basis for when you’re scheduling it other than when you think a good time would be and most people don’t really use Facebook Insights to figure out the best time for you.  So what we do with PostRocket is we do that for you. You’re able to automatically schedule your posts based on your fans and your pages performance in the past. This way you can get the most reach and engagement for your Facebook Page.

Christian: Tell me more about the different plans that are available for PostRocket. Will you be charging to use PostRocket.

Mike Maghsoudi: Right now, we have a pricing page, but we will be updating it. At the moment, we haven’t been charging the smaller pages yet.  We’re going to do a basic price per page model and there will be a free version.  It will be subscription based. Our goal is to help people do a better job with their Facebook Pages and increase their levels of engagement.

Christian: How do you handle multiple Facebook Pages? Do I need separate plans?

Mike Maghsoudi: For the price per page, we’re going to start it at $10 per month.  As the number of likes goes up significantly, we’ll charge slightly more.  We’re really looking at the bigger brands who need the advanced features.

Christian: Are there any misconceptions about the Facebook news feed that surprises you most.

Mike Maghsoudi: One of the biggest ones is that there is a lot of noise around Facebook EdgeRank (the filtering algorithm that determines what people see in their news feed.  I think the issue is that Facebook did not do a good job from the beginning on educating people that it existed.  It has existed since Facebook Pages.  There are so many stories created that if they showed you everything, it would be hard to filter through the mess to find the things you like.  People see it as bad because brands are reaching just 16% of their fans, but it’s a double-edged sword.  It rewards pages who are doing Facebook Marketing right and it punishes the people that don’t. People can complain about it all they want, but if you’re doing Facebook right, you’re going to see a lot of positive things come out of it – traffic to your website, convert fans to customers. The opportunity that EdgeRank gives you is so great. I don’t think Facebook would be the company it is today without EdgeRank.

Christian: What advice would you offer for Facebook Page owners to improve their engagement on their Facebook Page?

Mike Maghsoudi: I could make it simple and say use PostRocket.  The important thing is to test out new things, stay up to date with what is going on and measure what happens.  I think one of the biggest flaws is that people don’t utilize Facebook Insights properly.  They don’t appreciate the vast amount of data that Facebook shares with us.  From a page level and post level, they tell you everything about your Facebook Page. So if you could use Facebook Insights and learn what is working and what is not working, you can go a long way.

Christian: If users find any bugs or want to make suggestions about new features for PostRocket, where can they send them to?

Mike Maghsoudi: Me! I’m more than happy to receive emails. Mike at get postrocket dot com.  In terms of requesting features, we use UserVoice.  Most start-ups use UserVoice to gather feedback and learn about what new features customers may want to decide on the next features to include in PostRocket.

Christian: How can listeners get PostRocket?

Mike Maghsoudi:  Getpostrocket.com. We’re also working on some extensions for Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome. So try it, give me some feedback, and let me know what we’re doing right or what we can fix.

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