25 Twitter keyboard shortcuts

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts To Save You Time

Twitter keyboard shortcutsTwitter keyboard shortcuts

Twitter keyboard shortcuts, they do exist.  In fact, they come in very handy when you’re navigating Twitter.  Twitter keyboard shortcuts can also save you valuable amounts of time during your day.

To use them, all you need to do is go to Twitter.com and hit one of the following keyboard shortcuts.

For example, if you hit the “N” key, it will start a new tweet.  If you want to send someone a direct message, all you need to do is press the “M” key and you’ll get a pop-up to send someone a direct message.  In addition to using these basic features with a Twitter keyboard shortcut, you can hit “G” and then the “U” key and you’ll get a prompt to take you right to a users profile.

Note: the letters are not case-sensitive so you can hit “n” or “N” to compose a new tweet.

Be sure to bookmark these Twitter keyboard shortcuts.

Actions on Twitter

  • New tweet (N)
  • Favorite (F)
  • Reply (R)
  • Retweet (T)
  • Direct Message (M)
  • Block user (B)
  • Unblock user (U)
  • Open tweet details (Enter)
  • Close all open tweets (L)

Navigation  on Twitter

  • This menu (?)
  • Next tweet (J)
  • Previous tweet (K)
  • Page down (spacebar)
  • Search (/)
  • Load new tweets (.)

Timelines  on Twitter

  • Home (G H)
  • Connect (G C)
  • Activity (G A)
  • Mentions (G R)
  • Discover (G D)
  • Profile (G P)
  • Favorites (G F)
  • Lists (G L)
  • Messages (G M)
  • Settings (G S)
  • Go to user… (G U)

While I don’t expect you to memorize all of these Twitter keyboard shortcuts at one time, I recommend trying a few of them out so that you get the hang of them.  In no time, you’ll be a Twitter keyboaard shortcut pro!

Question: Which Twitter keyboard shortcut do you think you’ll use the most? Click here to leave a comment.