Upload photos and videos to Instagram from a computer

Instagram everywhere! How to upload photos and videos to Instagram from a computer

Have you ever needed to upload photos and videos to Instagram from a computer? 

While Instagram is primarily a mobile site, they do allow you to access an Instagram feed where you can view, like, comment, and embed an Instagram photo in a blog or website.

But what if you want to upload photos to Instagram from your computer?

Right now, Instagram does not offer this feature.

Instead, you can use a third-party tool to upload photos and videos to Instagram from a computer.

What types of media can you upload to Instagram?

You can upload photos and videos to Instagram and even use Instagram Direct to share private content.

To upload your photos and videos to Instagram, follow the instructions below.

How to upload photos and videos to Instagram from a computer

Here is a video tutorial that walks you through how to setup Bluestacks so that you can upload photos to Instagram from your computer.

YouTube Preview Image

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1. Download Bluestacks

Upload photos and videos to Instagram from a computer with the help of Bluestacks.

2. Install the Instagram app and ES File Explorer in Bluestacks
3. Launch Instagram

Upload photos and videos to Instagram from a computer
Uploading photos to Instagram from a computer using Bluestacks.

Note: In Instagram settings, uncheck use Instagram’s advanced camera.

If you don’t uncheck this option before pressing the camera icon, Instagram will try to use your computers webcam.

5. Click the photo icon. Select Pick from gallery > ES File Explorer > bstfolder
6. Choose a photo to upload
7. Add filters along with a caption and any hashtags
8. Upload your photo to your Instagram account

The best of both world’s

Although Instagram does not offer the ability to upload photos to Instagram from a computer, I find Bluestacks works great!

While I love taking photos from my iPhone, sometimes I use a DSLR and I want to be able to share those photos on Instagram as well.

If you are a Photoshop user, you will also appreciate being able to edit your photos beforehand.

By using this method to upload photos and even videos to Instagram from a computer, you get the best of both world’s.

This way you can create something that adds value to for your Instagram followers.


Just because Instagram lacks a desktop version, Bluestacks has created a nice solution to let you upload all of those photos you have stored on your hard drive to your Instagram account.

Overall, I was impressed with how easy the setup process was and like that you can now create pictures and videos from different cameras and use them on Instagram.

What do you think about this way of uploading photos and videos to Instagram from your computer?

Would you rather stick to just using your mobile device or do you like having the ability to choose between a phone or tablet or computer?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

  • http://antoniocalero.com/ Antonio Calero

    Great tip and very useful for companies who may have several people creating content.

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @AntonioCalero:disqus one other thing I like about this is that I can run other apps – not just Instagram. Very handy for testing different apps on different devices.

  • LuTang

    Hi there, I installed BlueStacks on my Mac, and it’s not “finding” Instagram nor ES File Explorer. Actually, the App Finder isn’t finding anything. Are you using Windows or Mac?

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @lutang:disqus if you don’t see them in the search, try clicking on Top Charts and then select an app. It will ask you if you want to install it. Select “install here” and it will take you off to the Google Play store where you should be able to add Instagram and ES File Explorer.

      • LuTang

        I got it to come up, I just restarted the application. Unfortunately now, Instagram is sideways. This is such a pain. I had to create a Google Play account and now everything is sideways. lol.

        Is there no other way to do this from my Mac other than this BlueStacks thing?

        Thanks for your response and help. I just wish it would work right. 🙂

        • LuTang

          Now I even tried to upload with it sideways and get some sort of Android is having errors and must force quit issue, so I did, and now the Instagram isn’t even allowing me to access anything at all. I give up. Thanks for trying, but this app is definitely not stable enough for Mac users at this time. Thanks again and again, though, for the great information that I’m sure will help Windows users….as usual. lol. 🙂

          • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

            @lutang:disqus, surprised you are having issues. I’m running it on a Mac on Mavericks and have had any issues. Happy to compare my setup.

          • Kat

            Hi, Christian. I need help with uploading my mp4 video to Instagram using BlueStacks. I followed your instructions here (thank you so much for sharing!) but I get the error “Unable to download” so I’m not sure what to do next. Video is only 14 seconds and is on mp4 format. Can you please help me how I can resolve this? Thanks

          • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

            Try using 640×640 for the resolution and .mov for the filetype.

          • Kat

            Hi, Christian
            I have successfully converted my video to .mov. What app/software do you suggest I use to change it to 640 x 640. Sorry. Not really tech-savvy. Thank you for the help. I appreciate it very much.

          • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

            One of my favorite tools is Handbrake. http://handbrake.fr/

          • Kat

            Hi, Christian
            After I make the file 640 x 640 and .mov, I use handbrake on it? I have used handbrake only once before. Will try that. Thank you for your help.

          • Kat

            Hi, Christian. I used handbrake on my 640 x 640 .mov file. Is that right? I tried uploading it and got the same error. Sorry for being a pain. I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it. Thanks for your help.

          • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

            For the video size and filetype, yes. When you are trying to upload the video, how are you trying to upload it? Through Bluestacks? Or another way?

          • Kat

            Hi, Christian. Yes, through BlueStacks

          • Kat

            Hi, Christian. We have been able to upload a video but the cover frame is inverted (rest of the video is ok). Can you please let me know what we can do so it does not show up upside down? thank you.

          • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

            Kay, it sounds like there is an issue with your original video source and when you converted it, the encoder didn’t like the first clip. This can happen when working with video. Can you send me a copy of the video to look at and try on my end? http://www.christiankonline.com/contact

            As far as how to fix this, I would recommend re-recording the video. Save it as a different type such as m4v or mov.

          • zuhal muhammad

            what a version of instagram u use?

          • Kat

            Hi, Christian
            I have successfully made the video 640 x 640 .mov but I still got the same error (Unable to download file) when I tried uploading it to Instagram via BlueStacks. I’m not sure what else I have to change. Any suggestions? Thanks, Christian

  • Robin Wilson

    I actually had to ask my teenager how to do this as my clients wanted to add Instagram to their social media portfolios, but thank you because now I can use your video to teach them how to do this themselves.

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @disqus_FymPSCPFT0:disqus, glad to hear!

  • f•a•i•t•h

    Hey my account said that to sucure my webpage that it changed my password! Any way you could help? (instagram webpage)

  • Sod Mind

    photo upload 100% working 🙂
    how to video upload? pls

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      Try using a size of 640×640 and .mov format.

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @sodmind:disqus, what size and filetype is your video? Try 640×640 and .mov.

  • a nigger

    thank you so much !!!! nothing else I looked up worked to get the photos from my pc to blustacks

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      Anytime. I think Bluestacks does a good job at letting you upload photos from a PC or Mac to Instagram from your computer.

  • ileana

    Thanks for sharing. Actually I need this in the meantime 😛 What happens if I want to use my IG accnt on my phone and I have this app also on my laptop?

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      Nothing. You can use both. They feed into your account.

  • Steve

    hey, having difficulties. Can not find instagram or es file explorer…
    Installed and uni stalled couple of times.

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      Can you try clicking on another app from Bluestacks? Find one that takes you to the Google Play Store. Once you get this, it should add those apps back to your Bluestacks account.

  • http://www.nwmea.com/ nwmea

    I can’t see any option to upload a video, please help, i only downloaded bluestack to upload video from my computer but there is no option to upload video except images. Whats the solution?

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @nwmea:disqus, the process for photos is roughly the same for adding videos. Instead of selecting a photo, you select a video. For additional instructions on the type of file to use, please look here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MYQyDZNAaUw

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      When creating your content, make sure you use 640×640 and make it a .mov file.

      • winky

        but i have it as .mov and 640×640…

        • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

          Video editing can be tricky. Was this a video converted from another source?

  • Matt Hoefler

    the video upload just does NOT work

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @matthoefler:disqus, what size is your video? Also, what filetype? It needs to be 640×640 and MOV. Also, did you try checking the advanced option – for use with only videos?

      • Matt Hoefler


        This method flat out doesn’t work… are you actually consistently uploading videos using this method, or do you just think that it works because you maybe did it once?

        • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

          Matt Hoefler, I’ve done it numerous times. I’ve also heard from others that they have had no issues getting it work either – once they got their format correct.

          What isn’t working you exactly? Are you getting an error message? Is that program just not loading? And what type of computer are you trying to upload it from?

          If it’s Bluestacks, then that could indicate an issue with your machine and not having enough memory or meeting the requirements of the software.

          I suspect the issue is your original video source – video encoding is tricky to work with.

          One other thing you can do to test this is to add your file to Dropbox and then save it directly to your phone and upload it to Instagram from there. I’ve had a few people tell me that identified an issue with their video source – the video would rotate or wouldn’t simply wouldn’t upload.

          Try this out and let me know. If you want to send me the video to test out, feel free to send it here: http://www.christiankonline.com/contact

  • W. Vito Montone

    Bluestack does not appear to work on my Mac running 10.9.4.

    Don’t see any APPs, no search, none of the icons work.

    I can’t even send a meesage to Bliuestauck (it freezes).

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @wvitomontone:disqus, I run Bluestacks on a Mac running 10.9.4 and it works without any issues. If you’re not seeing any apps, I would try closing and restarting your computer and possibly reinstall the software. It sounds like something didn’t get installed properly.

  • winky

    but i cant upload video…

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      Are you using Android to upload to Instagram when you get this error?

      • Guy1

        Same problem. Using Android

  • Kike

    Definitely, I CAN’T upload videos with BlueStacks.

    As you say, I have converted my video to .MOV and 640 X 638 (very similar to Instagram size) but it’s impossible.

    And if I uncheck ”use Instagram’s advanced camera”, it’s even worse beacuse BlueStacks does not open the video, which I put in ”bstfolder” and ”Pictures”. With ”use Instagram’s advanced camera” checked, I can record one… at least 🙁

    Any solution? I can upload photos but videos… Impossible

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      Did you try restarting the software and your computer? It should work.

      What type of computer are you using?

      • Kike

        I use Windows 7 computer… And any problem with it.
        When I want to upload photos, Instagram in Bluestacks runs well (I have posted some photos perfectly).
        But when I try with any video, I open “bstfolder”, “pictures” (my video is there, in “pictures”), I click on it… And the principal screen of Instagram appears again with a message like “media unsuportted”.
        Also, I have tried the “Instashot” App. I select “Pick a video”, the video appears and runs (It runs perfectly!!!) but then I click on Instagram icon to share it and I must choose one of the 3 options of resolution. I choose one of them and… The Instashot App closes itself and the Bluestacks screen appears again….

        I don’t want you lose more time on me 🙂 If you wanna try Instashot in bluestack to understand my problem… Whatever you want 🙂

        THANKS A LOT for your help and congrats for this page (very complete and clear). And sorry if my English level is not perfect. Greetings, Christian!

    • ME

      looking for the same!

    • dada

      Video upload doesn’t work for me. I don’t like the replies of @ckarasiewicz:disqus All these posts are mentioning they have problems uploading videos and all he does is try to put the blame back at them instead of giving a solution. I’m trying to upload a small size video which actually was downloaded from one of my instagram accounts. Therefore the size and format of the video is not a problem. That said, my operating system is Win7. So, what we need to find out is why Video not working for Windows people

      • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

        Just because you download a file from your channel doesn’t mean it’s compatible. There is info in the file that can corrupt the file and cause it to not work. Also, Instagram may have something they add to the file when people download it (or how they are downloading them). I keep recommending to reach out to Bluestacks because this is a subjective issue. For every one that is on Windows who gets it to work, there are others for which it’s doesn’t work for. Seems like it may be tied to the individuals system – hardware and programs they have installed.

        Here is how you can contact them and ask about your individual setup. http://www.bluestacks.com/about-us/contact-us.html#gref

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      Videos need to be in the format that they support. This includes the size as well as the same type of file. Video can be tricky to work with if you’re encoding it from one format to another.

  • Allen

    It only recognize image, not working with videos. Is it still working for you guys?

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      You should be able to upload videos to Instagram from a computer as well. What filetype are you using?

      Also make sure you turn back on the advanced setting for video.

  • Kevin Fisher

    What’s up Christian? Been a while – hope you are well. I came across your post completely but chance – but it was what I was looking for. However, I can’t seem to find BlueStacks for the Mac any longer – the developer has changed their site and available products. Unless I’m overlooking it, appears that they only offer a PC version now for download? Do you have another solution or know where I could download an old copy of the app for my Mac?

  • mibtp

    Get an “unable to upload” error when I try to upload a 15 second video.

  • Ryan

    Hi. I can’t find the “bstfolder” in ES File Explorer. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Bluestacks twice. There doesn’t seem to be a way for me to upload videos from my W7 laptop to Instagram and it’s very frustrating… Any tips?

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @disqus_nzYgexpmEL:disqus, it should be there. Make sure you also don’t have the folder hidden by accident.

    • Julia Balandina

      I advise you to try smth else.For example .push.photo. It helps you with posting and even with scheduling. And without downloading any app (really hate having millions of apps).

  • Vlčice Bella

    I managed to install it and to upload a photo. I cropped it, but it won’t let me edit it. It’s still loading (for like ten minutes already). What do you think might be theproblem? Can you help me?

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @vlicebella:disqus, I think it’s a resource issue with your computer. Make sure you don’t have a lot of things running that are taking up ram.

  • nik

    i can’t upload a video via this method. it just comes up with a pop up saying that the video can’t be shown.

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      Did you disable use advanced camera? What type of file is it you are trying to upload as well?

  • Alfonso

    Hi. I do everything perfectly and it does it perfectly except one thing. I am using a Mac and i want to post a video. My video is a QuickTime video and when i try to upload it to Instagram it says “unable to load image”. besides that i have everything including esfile explorer and the bstfolder. Is it possible to upload videos? Please help me

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @disqus_Z3ukBoUAQF:disqus, it should work. I used a Mac as well to perform the upload without any issues. Be sure you also uncheck the show advanced camera option.

  • Paul-ny

    Thanks for this– seemed to work (on Mac) but I did this to get an MP4 (made with AfterEffects) onto Instagram, and upload seemed to start, but after a few seconds the Bluestack Instagram shifted from download screen to its regular screen and it seemed nothing uploaded. Was file too big? (16 MB). Should I have waited longer?

    • Paul-ny

      When I said Blustack Instagram’s download screen I meant upload

      • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

        I would try a smaller file first. And give it enough time.

  • https://twitter.com/lapsinjs James


  • grgerggr

    i hope you know there is no bstfolder. and instagram has blocked third party programs from uploading photos.

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @grgerggr:disqus, this has always been the case. They are very strict on how third-party tools use their API.

  • Tammy

    I managed to finally install Bluestacks and both Instagram and es file explorer…however that is as far as I get…there are no images anywhere in the file explorer. How do I get images from my laptop into the files explorer to upload?

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      Hi Tammy. You should be able to navigate outside of that folder or locate it on your computer so that you can drop photos into it. Alternatively, I was able to setup a separate folder for pictures that I wanted to upload to Instagram from my computer and access it from within Bluestacks.

      If you’re still stuck, can you schedule a time with me to help?


      Note: Use the code: CHRISTIAN72S when scheduling a time with me to get your first helpout session free.


  • Sarah N

    Hi Christian,
    My folders in ES FE don’t have the photos I want to use for content. How can I access my drop box, desktop or other files on my hard drive to get access to them?

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      Try copying the files you want to upload to that folder. Alternatively, you should be able to navigate to your other photos.

  • Sarah Nitsch

    How do I access my external drive which holds all my pictures, content for posting? Or my desktop for that matter..

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      You should be able to pull it up when you go to upload a photo.

  • benny

    thanks information friends !

  • storyink

    cannot get past the sign into Google account. I don’t want to be required to sign into Google.

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      You need to sign-in to Google. That’s needed in order for them to connect you to Google Play – to access the applications you’ll need.

  • Nathan

    How do I download Instagram for my computer (Mac)?

  • Zoey

    Hello, This article is really helpful – it took me some time but I have finally managed to upload photos from my MAC – yay. I am however, having issues with uploading videos….I am not sure what I am doing wrong, I am only uploading a short (test) video about 7 seconds….filetype is .mov but I am given an error msg “unable to upload image”. Thanks in advance for any tips!

  • sagar

    I can choose image from the bstsharefolder and the image is loaded in crop section of instagram . but after i proceed , the image is not loading and a continues sing of loading is coming ,and nothing is happening and I have to restart instagram..
    plzzz help me.

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      Thanks for reaching out. I’m not sure why you’re having an issue loading images. I think it’s an issue with something on your machine conflicting. I would try to reach out to the Bluestacks support team here: http://support.bluestacks.com/hc/en-us. They can better diagnose the issue based on your setup.

  • Yaw

    There does not seem to be a Mac version of Blue Stacks anymore. Am I doing something wrong?

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      There used to be a version available. There are a few links mentioned in the comments on my video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYQyDZNAaUw

      I would go off of those.

  • Richard

    how do i convert my video to MOV i tried to use Handbrake but i dont know how to use it

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @disqus_c9HBAYj0vO:disqus, I would use Handbrake. You should be able to select your file and then under the output settings, select the format you want and click the start button.

  • Pavlina Popova

    I cant upload video.

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @pavlinapopova:disqus, have you tried disabling the advanced video option?

  • http://www.misterzu.com/ Misterzu

    I found your site from Youtube.. U have cool stuff in this blog.. Thank’s for Sharing…

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      Thanks @misterzu:disqus! Glad you found my YouTube videos useful! If you don’t see a video listed, let me know and I can see about creating something. http://www.christiankonline.com/contact

  • fatalcrixer@zmail.com

    There is NO option to upload video to instgagram via bluestacks

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      Yes there is. Just be sure you’ve disabled the advanced video option. Otherwise it won’t let you.

  • Winnie Skupin

    Hi there , thx for the tutorial, i installed ES file explorer and instagram… but i dont have a bst folder ???? how can i get my already edited pics into the ES file explorer? do i need to upload it ? i can choose from my pics on my harddrive. btw i am using MAC if that helps! would be great to get some advise. ahhh when i open the ES file explorer i only see a couple of other folders like alarms, android, backups. DCIM. movies, picstures and so on … all of them are empty. i can drop pictures in one of the folders though ????

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      Try restarting. What version operating system are you using on your Mac?

  • Winnie Skupin

    I use OS X YOSEMITE 10.10.4 on my Mac and restarting didn’t help… Still no bst folder 🙁

  • tom

    It says Error: package file is invalid

    • tom

      When i try to download instagram, works fine for any other apps

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      When are you getting that error? At what point in the process?

  • Noah

    I cant find the advanced features in instagram settings.

    • MC

      same problem any help here?

  • J Roy

    The “Settings” on Instagram no longer has the option to change the camera setting…

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @disqus_kejWKAerVx:disqus, they do update the Instagram app (and API requirements) from time-to-time. Are you using an iOS or Android device?

      • MC

        I have the same problem and I’m using a Macbook with Yosemite. The camera on my laptop is enabled and there’s no advanced setting anywhere in the options when using Instagram on Blue Stacks. Is there an solution to this or am I just SOL and have to leave the camera on.

  • J Roy

    All this seems out dated as all apps have been updated and the same vital features are just not there anymore 🙁

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      Are you using the PC or Mac version @disqus_kejWKAerVx:disqus?

  • kat

    Under Settings there isn’t an advanced camera settings to check or un-check. There’s no advanced settings period. What now?

    • http://www.maisonandco.com Bernadette Truxal

      I’m having the same problem. There’s no advanced camera setting under “settings.”

    • El

      where do i even get to the settings?

      • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

        Settings for which application? Bluestacks or Instagram?

  • http://www.maisonandco.com Bernadette Truxal

    I’m using a Mac and I was able to install blue stacks and the es file explorer, but I can’t install instagram from the blue stacks app. I keep getting an error message “error Package file is invalid.”

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      Have you tried restarting Instagram, Bluestacks, as well as your computer?

  • zuhal muhammad

    what a version of instagram u used?

  • http://www.violettesbyBecky.com ViolettesbyBecky

    You helped me set up instagram for desktop the first time. I took my computer for repair and they wiped it off. I can’t get it working on my desktop again. I now have windows 10. When I try to down load the ES file explorer, I get starnge things. If I go to the 3 dots on instagram, there is no choice of the “use instagram camera” to choose from. I have been trying to add this back for months, and I give up. Can you help? Thanks Christian.

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      I don’t have Windows 10, but I know Instagram has made some changes that might limit the options that are now available. Have you tried reaching out to the Bluestacks support team? support.bluestacks.com/hc/en-us

      I’m not sure if it’s a Windows 10 thing or Instagram issue. I would try reaching out to Bluestacks support. See if they have had other questions about it. Then let me know how you make out.

      • http://www.violettesbyBecky.com ViolettesbyBecky

        Thanks for the reply.

        • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

          Anytime @violettesbybecky:disqus! Let me know how things work out for you.

          • http://www.violettesbyBecky.com ViolettesbyBecky

            I wrote to them. They said they got my question, but still have not answered.

    • joe shmoe

      open es file explorer and then open the file on your comp for your pics then drag pics you want to es and it will have options for where you want the pic when you drop the pic I just dl bluestacks and instagram so this will work for all of you without those settings cause I couldn’t find them either I have windows 8 by the way

      • http://www.violettesbyBecky.com ViolettesbyBecky

        I can not seem to find a version of es explorer that will download onto my PC. Can you recommend a link?

  • http://Probertdesigns.com Andrew Probert

    Okay, sorry, this isn’t working on my Mac. ES File Explorer keeps wanting to go to my Android (tablet) connection,… I cannot find a way to connect to any photo files on my Mac. My desktop camera keeps coming on (there is no 3-dot settings icon in the upper right corner) so I’ve selected ‘Gallery’ to find photos… but that tells me there is no media,… what a mess.

    I’m a Concept Artist and REALLY want to post my work on Instagram from my desktop. Any workarounds?

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      What version of OS X are you running? I can try and test it out again on my end. Also, the same for Bluestacks, what version are you using of that as well?

      • http://Probertdesigns.com Andrew Probert

        OS X: v10.10.5 – Bluestacks: v0.9.30

        Thank you-

        • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

          @andrewprobert:disqus, I’m running an older version of Bluestacks. Same version of OS X. No issues getting to photos. I have seen some users have issue and others have not. Another way you could potentially do this is to upload your files to Dropbox on your computer and then upload them through Instagram on your mobile device if you’re having issues.

  • joe shmoe

    in my instagram settings there is no advanced features and there is no disabling instagram camera I have little to no options in my settings I cant adjust anything been trying for over an hour and I have gotten no where

  • outlaw

    2nd time around with bluestacks. There’s no advanced setting under the Setting icon in order to turn off the computer camera. Someone mentioned this a while down in this thread but there wasn’t a reply.Any help would be appreciated.

    • outlaw

      Was actually able to get to Advanced Settings through a tutorial, there’s nothing under Advanced settings to allow you to turn off your computers camera.

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @disqus_Qze09n34iQ:disqus, Instagram has updated their app quite a bit. Some users are still able to get the advanced setting. Others haven’t been able to. There’s not really a rhyme or reason why it works on some and not others. Have you tried reaching out to Bluestacks support team to see why this might not work for you? http://support.bluestacks.com/hc/en-us

  • Chaka Atiim

    Didn’t work for me either, and I’ve been on Macs since ’98. After trying a few times, I decided to just use my DROID NAS (file share app) and copied my video from my Mac to my phone and shared to IG, SIMPLE! Go to Play Store and find an app that connects your computer+phone over a wifi connection. IG: CHAKATIIM

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @chakaatiim:disqus, what part wasn’t working? They stopped supporting Mac a while ago with this software but you can still find an older version out there.

  • helpnesss

    I use allavsoft VideoGo
    to convert Instagram to MP4

    video format to burn.

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      @helpnesss:disqus, good suggestion. Handbrake is also really good. https://handbrake.fr/

  • Natalie Wells

    Hi Christian. Your video is most helpful. I followed the steps and everything work until the part going into advanced options on Instagram to change the camera feature. Advanced options isn’t an option anymore. Do you have any suggestions of know of anything about this?

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      What version operating system are you running? I tested this the other day with someone on a Mac and it worked just fine for them. Then again, the Mac version hasn’t been updated for a while. I’ve had some people tell me they’ve had issues. Instagram has changed things a lot, so you may need to reach out to Bluestacks to get further clarification.

  • Tas

    Hi i don’t see an advanced settings option, maybe because its been updated since? Also I don’t have any options when i click ‘camera’ it doesn’t give me the option to chose from gallery, it takes me straight to the editing section on instagram and i only have the options to take a video or picture. Any help?


    Apparently this does not work in 2016- any new info to be able to access computer’s camera settings with Instagram/Bluestacks?

  • Jayne

    Hello. Thank you for your help with Instagram for my PC. I’m on good until I get to the step to unclick advance features….no setting on my instagram-so I can’t upload a pic from my PC.

  • Susan Kim

    Bluestack is a great software, but there’s a problem that’s not that easy to overcome – it’s not supported by minor OS like linux mint or fedora etc. My solution was to use Zengram, it’s a web-based service accessible from any device with open file system and a browser. Quite useful I must say, even without considering a large set of other functions offered by the mentioned service.

    • http://www.christiankonline.com Christian Karasiewicz

      Thanks for the recommendation @suzycutiepie:disqus.

  • sonia kircher

    I have downloaded but I definately do not have advanced camera settings in the settings to choose or turn it off its stuck on the camera on the computer so i still can;t use it ahhhhh

  • http://www.judithdcollins.com Judith D. Collins

    Under the dot dot dot, I am not see the advanced setting option to uncheck camera?

  • KA707

    Can no longer find “Advanced Features” to turn off “use instagram’s advanced camera. Advice please.

  • Jeroen Oudenaarden

    I’m trying to find the advanced features to turn off the camera. Same problem as other people are facing so I see. If I hot the link, I get an error down below. Please let me know where I can find the solution.