YouTube channel art

YouTube Channel Art: A Complete Guide

YouTube has started rolling out a new unified design.  With the new design comes a new feature, YouTube channel art. YouTube channel art is an image that get’s displayed at the top of your YouTube channel. Here is an example of YouTube channel art.

YouTube channel art template


What is YouTube Channel Art?

Wait, YouTube channel art is just an image? Yes, but YouTube channel art is about more than just one image. With the new design to your YouTube channel, YouTube has created a unified design. What this means is that you create one image that works perfectly across the desktop, television, tablet, and mobile versions of your YouTube channel.

YouTube channel art

 While you’re only creating just one piece of art for your channel, having a unified design works in your favor. Here’s how.

YouTube Channel Art benefits

With the new look of YouTube channel art, YouTube is converging your YouTube channel.  This means you only have to create one image that will work across all of your devices – it will also look good too.  Not only does this save you time because you only have to create one image, having a unified design means you won’t need to know all of the different dimensions for each separate view either.

Another benefit to YouTube channel art is that if you have a Google+ page or Google+ profile, your new YouTube channel art works seamlessly on those channels as well. Simply create one image for your YouTube channel and when you’re finished, upload that image to your Google+ account as well.

Overall though, the biggest benefit to YouTube channel art is that this should help to improve the quality of the images we see on YouTube channels.  Because YouTube channel owners only have to know one dimension, they can spend more time focusing on the quality of their channel art.

Do you use your YouTube channel for business? Be sure to create YouTube channel art that focuses on your business.  If you use your YouTube channel art for personal videos, make sure you upload channel art that represents who you are – instead of leaving it blank.

Changes to YouTube channel art

With the new look to your YouTube channel, while there’s less work for you to do because there is only one image to upload, there is one change that some users might not like. if you previously had a YouTube background image on your YouTube channel, this is going away – sorry!

Remember though, you now only have to create one image and remember one size, plus this means less work so you can focus on being a better marketer.

YouTube Channel Art dimensions

To create an optimally sized image for your YouTube channel art, here’s how it works.

Start by creating an image that is 2120 X 1192 px. This will help you get an idea of where your content will fall across different devices.

Here’s a list of the YouTube channel art dimensions for each device.

  • Television – 2120 x 1192 px
  • Desktop (max size) – 2120 x 350 px
  • Tablet – 1536 px x 350
  • Desktop (min size) / mobile device – 1280 x 350 px

If you find the new YouTube channel art dimensions confusing, I’ve created a free YouTube channel art template. Simply paste your image into the document and resize until it looks how you want it to across each device.

Be sure to check out the YouTube channel art guidelines if you have additional questions about the new YouTube channel art.

How do you get the new YouTube channel art?

Ready to get started on your YouTube channel art? First, create your channel art. This free YouTube channel art template can help you get started.

Once you have your channel art ready, it’s time to switch to the new YouTube channel layout.

To do that, simply go to your YouTube channel and look for the following blue bar.

Activate the new YouTube channel art

Question: What do you think about the new YouTube channel art? Do you love it? Hate it? Click here to leave a comment.