How to add Facebook stickers

How to add Facebook stickers to Facebook Messenger

If you’re not impressed with collection of Facebook stickers you have in Facebook Messenger, you can add Facebook stickers.

What are Facebook stickers?

Facebook stickers are a way to send images from your favorite holidays or television shows to friends through Facebook Messenger.

They are a great way to add personality to your conversations on Facebook.

Besides sending stickers to friends, stickers can also be sent to business associates you are following on Facebook, but I would be careful doing this. Sometimes it can send the wrong message.

To add Facebook stickers, follow these instructions.

How to add Facebook stickers

Step 1: Open a chat window with a friend (or even a group of friends).

Facebook Messenger
Example of a Facebook Messenger window.

Step 2: Click the smiley face

Step 3: Click the shopping cart

Once you click the shopping cart icon, this will bring up the Facebook Sticker Store.

Facebook stickers
View your Facebook stickers in Facebook Messenger.

Step 4: To add new stickers, click “free”

Add Facebook stickers
Facebook store where you can add Facebook stickers.

Now when you go to send a message in Facebook Messenger, you’ll have lots of new stickers to choose from.

If you added Facebook stickers and you decide you don’t want them, you can always remove Facebook stickers. For example, if I added Facebook stickers for certain holidays, I may want to remove them since that holiday has ended.


Facebook stickers are a fun way to make your conversations with friends more fun.

A few things about stickers – they work on the desktop as well as on mobile devices.

You can also add Facebook stickers when you are chatting with multiple friends on Facebook.

Add some new stickers to Facebook Messenger and let me know what types of stickers you would like to see added.