How to add Facebook stickers to Facebook Messenger

If you’re not impressed with collection of Facebook stickers you have in Facebook Messenger, you can add Facebook stickers.

What are Facebook stickers?

Facebook stickers are a way to send images from your favorite holidays or television shows to friends through Facebook Messenger.

They are a great way to add personality to your conversations on Facebook.

Besides sending stickers to friends, stickers can also be sent to business associates you are following on Facebook, but I would be careful doing this. Sometimes it can send the wrong message.

To add Facebook stickers, follow these instructions.

How to add Facebook stickers

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How to remove Facebook Stickers from messenger

While you can easily send Facebook stickers to your friends through Facebook Messenger, how do you remove Facebook stickers?

Why remove stickers?

Although I’m not a fan of Facebook stickers, some users have added lots of stickers to communicate their love for Duck Dynasty or to celebrate a holiday.

Over time, as you add more and more stickers, you could find yourself spending more time trying to locate your favorite Facebook stickers to share instead of using Facebook Messenger to quickly communicate with your friends.

Fortunately, in just a few steps, you can remove Facebook stickers you no longer want or need.

If you have added Facebook stickers from the sticker store and want to remove Facebook stickers, follow the instructions below.

Note: One thing that is very useful about removing stickers is that the process works the same across the desktop and mobile version of Facebook.

How to remove Facebook stickers from Messenger

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