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App of the day: ProCamera and ProCameraHD

Download ProCamera and ProCameraHD app for Apple iPhone and iPadIf you’re someone who shoots a lot of photos and videos, you now how important it is to have expert control of the focus and exposure of your shots.  While the camera for the Apple iPhone and iPad works great, the controls you get when taking photos or videos is about average.

What this often leads to are under-exposed photos along with missed opportunities because your iPhone or iPad were not fast enough. Fortunately, there is a way to fix this.

What I like about this app:

One of the biggest challenges that I often face with using my iPhone or iPad to shoot photos and videos is that they require using separate apps.  With ProCamera and ProCameraHD, now I can launch one app (there are separate iPhone and iPad versions) to shoot both.  In addition, I love the fact that I can control the exposure as well as the focus of my photos and videos separately. What this means is a consistent shot every time!

Other things I love about this app are that I can shoot photos in burst mode. This means I won’t have to worry about missing a shot next time. Besides these great features, ProCamera and ProCameraHD also feature some nifty tools, which I have highlighted below that will make your next photo or video shoot much easier – without sacrificing the professional controls you need for shooting high quality photos and videos using your Apple iPhone or iPad.

ProCamera and ProCameraHD features:

  • Rapid fire for photos
  • Separate exposure and focus controls (photos and videos)
  • SnapTrigger movable toolbar
  • Video zoom
  • Export multiple photos and videos all at once
  • Social sharing
  • And more…

While I have tried other apps for shooting photos and videos, I love the overall convenience of having one app to shoot them both.  I also like the customization that ProCamera and ProCameraHD offer as well as the speed of each app. If you’re serious about improving the quality of your photos or videos taken with your Apple iPhone or iPad – no more blurry photos! I recommend checking out ProCamera and ProCameraHD. You won’t be disappointed.

Download ProCamera for iPhone

Download ProCameraHD for iPad