Merge duplicate Facebook Pages

How to merge Facebook Pages (two existing, duplicate pages)

Do you happen to have two duplicate Facebook Pages? Instead of trying to maintain both pages or get fans to move from one Facebook Page to another (a task in itself), the best way to consolidate both pages is to learn how to merge facebook pages. 

Merge Facebook Pages

Why merge Facebook Pages?

Learning how to merge Facebook Pages is an essential task that anyone with a Facebook Page needs to learn how to do.  Not only does merging a Facebook Page help you delete a page you accidentally deleted, but it can also benefit your customers.

When you merge Facebook Pages, you make it easier for your customers to find you! This is because now, you don’t have to worry about customers liking the wrong Facebook Page. Instead, they’ll find just your one Facebook Page when they search for your business.

How to merge Facebook Pages (two existing, duplicate Facebook pages)

  1. Go to the Page with the most likes (this is the one you want to keep)
  2. From the top of your Page, click “Edit Page”
  3. From the dropdown, select “Update Info”
  4. From the left sidebar, select “Resources”
  5. If you are an Admin on two pages with similar names, you will see “Merge duplicate Pages” – click it.
  6. A dialog box will appear, showing you pages that you Admin that qualify to be merged.

Note: If the Facebook pages you are trying to merge have a location, both pages must have the same address before you can merge them.

Also remember, just because you merge Facebook Pages, this will not remove it from search results right away. It can take a few days or a few weeks for it to be totally removed from search

Now that you know how to merge Facebook Pages together, it’s time to focus your energy on engaging fans rather than trying to get them to like the right page.