Apple launches iCloud, looks to compete with Amazon and Google

Earlier this week, Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, unveiled a long-awaited new service — iCloud. Upon initial glance, it seemed more like a revamped version of MobileMe, and it kind of is, except a much more powerful service.

With iCloud, users can seamlessly download any music, apps and books (hopefully there is more to come) that they have purchased through iTunes to any iOS device using simply their Apple ID.  What this means is no more cords, more free-time (no more backing up apps), and the ability to keep all of your iOS devices in sync with just one download.

I’ve been fortunate to try this new service out and it’s iCredible!  On my laptop, I downloaded an app and within seconds, my iPhone was also downloading the same app. Talk about a time-saver!

Eventually, I would love to see the ability to download in one location and select which devices to “push” the newly downloaded item to. This way I have even more time to spend with my device and less on micro-managing it.

For those of you who have not setup iCloud, here’s a brief video to get you started.

YouTube Preview Image

If you’ve had the chance to work with iCloud, what are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.