How to contact Instagram

Contact Instagram – In a Snap!

One of the biggest challenges to using any social network is getting help. In most cases, you’ll often find a lot of people with similar questions, but no answers. We’ve compiled a list of the best way’s to contact Instagram about any issues you are having with your account. This way you can get your resolve your issues quickly by routing them to the right place.

How to contact Instagram

How to contact Instagram

Instagram – Report a hacked account

Has your Instagram account been hacked? You can contact Instagram to get this fixed using the “report a hacked account form.”

Instagram – Bugs

Did you run across a bug while using Instagram? Contact Instagram and let them know what you were doing when the error occurred and what type of device you were using.  This form provided everything you need to report a bug to Instagram.

Instagram – Username issues

Do you have an issue with your Instagram username? If so, use this form to get your questions about your Instagram username answered.

Instagram – Distorted / Pixelated Images

If your issues are related to image quality, there’s a separate form for submitting these issues to Instagram. Before submitting an issue related to distorted or pixelated images, be sure you’ve upgraded to the latest version of their software.

Instagram – Report web profile

Having problems with an Instagram web profile? You can contact Instagram and report users. This form is specifically for reporting users and not for technical issues.

Instagram – Device compatibility for Android

Sometimes our devices and our apps don’t play nice with one another. If you have an Android device and are having trouble installing Instagram, you’ll want to contact Instagram using this form.

Instagram – Contact Law Enforcement

If you have an immediate need to contact Instagram about illegal or suspicious activity posted on the site, this form provides instructions on how to reach Law Enforcement.

Note: this form should only be used in extreme emergencies.

Instagram – Black images on Android

If you experience black images or images with gray pixels on them on your Android device, you’ll want to use this form to contact Instagram.

This way you issue is sent to the right team to fix and repair.


Want instant access to contact Instagram? You can always send a tweet to their Instagram account on Twitter @Instagram. This is usually one of the fastest way’s to report an issue and to get answers to your issues.


If  instant access to contact Instagram, they offer support @InstagramHelp. This account looks like it hasn’t been updated in a while, so you might be better off contacting Instagram @Instagram, which is very active.

Instagram on Facebook

If you don’t use Twitter and stil need to contact Instagram, you can always message them through the Instagram Facebook Page. In my experience, Twitter has been the fastest way to contact them.

Note: you don’t always get notified when someone sends you a Facebook message. You may have to go back and periodically check your Facebook profile.

What to submit when you contact Instagram?

When you’re ready to contact Instagram, be sure you have the following information ready. This can help expedite your issue and lead to a faster response from Instagram. Chances are, they have already received similar questions from other Instagram users.

  • Identify your issue
  • Choose one (1) way to contact Instagram from the above list
  • Provide detailed instructions on how to reproduce your issue
  • Take a screenshot

What to do after you contact Instagram?

While everyone considers their issue to be the most important one for Instagram to answer, you don’t need to use every form to contact Instagram.

Decide how important your Instagram issue is and contact them through the appropriate channel. Remember, some issues are more involved than you think so be patient when waiting for a response.

Question: What are some of the issues you currently have with Instagram? Leave a comment below with your issues.