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Nick Nanton, Emmy Award Winner & Branding Expert [podcast]

Podcast interview with Nick NantonThis interview with Nick Nanton, Emmy Award winning Director and celebrity branding agent, is the fifth in an ongoing series of interviews with professionals who are doing amazing things with marketing.  

I am very honored to have the opportunity to interview Nick Nanton.

Nick is an amazing person who is well-respected in the industry and really understands personal branding and how to unlock your potential as a business.

He has worked with a lot of big names – Mari SmithBrian TracyJack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul author), Gene Simmons and many more.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Nick Nanton on how to market yourself and your business!

Podcast interview with Nick Nanton

Before you begin listening to this podcast with Nick Nanton, I want you to know that Nick provides a lot of valuable information. This podcast interview with Nick clocks in at 16+ minutes.  We cover a lot of ground on marketing, creating your own personal brand, how to get media coverage and lots more.  Here is a rundown on what we talk about during:

  • Strategies to consider when developing your brand
  • The importance of creating a personal brand
  • How to leverage media, marketing and public relations to take your business to the next level
  • Why you don’t have to be a famous celebrity to build a brand
  • The biggest mistake most businesses make around with marketing
  • The business trifecta
  • And more…

Some of my favorite quotes from my interview with Nick Nanton – feel free to tweet them.

People pay the most money for who you are, not what you do. @nicknanton (tweetthis)

Your brand is your story. @nicknanton (tweetthis)

There’s riches in niches. @nicknanton (tweetthis)

Most people look for blockbusters. I think you can have more success with nichebusters. @nicknanton (tweetthis)

If you have time to spare, it’s a great interview with Nick.  If you don’t, be sure to download the interview at the bottom of this post and take it with you.

Here’s a sample question that we asked Nick Nanton along with his response.

Christian Karasiewicz: Social Media has grown a lot of the past few years? I often see a lot of people take a cookie cutter approach, establishing a presence on a number of social networks like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn and experience little engagement.  What recommendations can you share on how to leverage direct marketing and digital media channels?

Nick Nanton: One of the things I teach all my clients is direct marketing is just direct media. It can be digital or physical.  It is all in the concept of creating media and sending out in different forms to people who care.  Where a lot of people miss it is that direct marketing lacks credibility. People know you are marketing to them. You have to take mass media credibility and insert it into your direct marketing.  If you go to my social media channels, you’ll see that I’m an Emmy-award winning director, that I’ve been on NBC, CBS and Fox and that I have a voice that they’re much more willing to listen to and they will a reason to listen…

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