How to contact Twitter

How to Contact Twitter

One thing I love about Twitter is how open and accessible the social network is. I especially like how you can choose to follow someone or just view their tweets without connecting with them. This makes it a lot more friendly to use and removes a number of barriers to enter unlike with other social networks like Facebook that require you to be connected in order to view someone’s updates. Like most social networks though, learning how to contact Twitter for help has proved to be challenging.

There are either too many forms to remember or it is not clear on how you contact Twitter. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of all of the best ways to contact Twitter for help. Simply bookmark this one page and you’ll have every form you need to contact Twitter.

How to contact Twitter

How to contact Twitter

Contacting Twitter shouldn’t be so difficult. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best forms to use when you want to contact Twitter for any issues. We’ve also organized them based on the types of questions you have for Twitter. This way all you need to do is select the category and click on the form.

If you find this list of forms to contact Twitter helpful, be sure to pin it, share it, and bookmark it to helps out who want to learn how to contact Twitter.

Account questions

Lost Password

Use this form if you have lost your password and need to reset your Twitter account password.

Deactivated account

If you have deactivated your Twitter account and need to restore it, this form deals with restoring a deactivated account.

Hacked account

Was your Twitter account hacked? Use this form to contact Twitter and report it.

API’s, Apps, and Mobile devices

Twitter’s mobile site

This form is for contacting Twitter when you have issues with their mobile website, apps or API’s.

Twitter mobile apps

If you have specific issues using Twitter on a mobile app, use this form to contact Twitter and let them know about it.

SMS / text messaging

If you use SMS and text messaging to update Twitter and have problems, be sure to use this form to report your issues to Twitter.

API Policy support

If you use Twitter’s API to develop apps or you come across apps violating their API, you can report them to Twitter using this form.

Settings and features

Tweets / messages

Use this form to contact Twitter about issues with sending tweets, direct messages, suspended accounts and more.

Profile / settings

Have issues with your Twitter profile, such as updating your email address, changing your profile photo, working with protected tweets, etc? Use the Profile / settings form to contact Twitter about these types of issues.


If you experience issues with photos in your tweets, use this form when you want to contact Twitter and let them know about the issues you are having.

Account restoration

The Account restoration form is there for when you want to reactivate an account, deactivate an account, or need help with a suspended Twitter account.


Did  your Twitter profile disappear from Twitter search? Use the Search form to contact Twitter about search related issues with your account.


If you find something inappropriate in Twitter trends, contact them and let them know about it using the Trends form.


Is there a Twitter username you would like, but it isn’t available? Use the Usernames form to contact Twitter to request that a username be released to the public.

Report a violation


If you have been impersonated on Twitter, you can use the Impersonation form to contact Twitter and let them know about it.


Did someone violate your trademark on Twitter? The Trademarks form can be used to report violations to Twitter.

DMCA copyright

Use the DMCA copyright form when you want to contact Twitter about copyright violations that happen on Twitter.


If you receive threatening tweets or messages on Twitter, report this abusive user to Twitter using the harassment form.

Report spam

Come across spam on Twitter? Be sure to contact Twitter and report spam to them so that it can be removed. This form is also useful if you have trouble tweeting a link that Twitter thinks is spam.

Suspended account

Having issues with a suspended account on Twitter? Use the suspended account form to contact Twitter about an account.

Report self harm

If you come across a tweet where someone is looking to hurt themselves, report it to Twitter. Use the report self harm form for this situation so that they can have someone reach out to this user.

Report an ad

The report an ad form on Twitter should be used if you come across ads that are offensive, violate a copyright, are misleading or deceptive, etc.


Send feedback about Twitter’s new design

Give Twitter feedback about their new design. If you love it, like it, or want to see new features, use this form to contact Twitter and let them know about it.


If none of these forms help answer your questions, you can always contact Twitter @Twitter.

They are pretty quick with responding, but will most likely redirect you to one of the forms listed above.

What to submit when you contact Twitter?

When you’re ready to contact Twitter with your issues, be sure you have the following information ready. This helps expedite your issue and lead to a faster response.

  • Identify your issue
  • Choose the proper form from the above list to contact Twitter
  • Provide detailed instructions on how to reproduce your issue on Twitter (if asked)
  • Include the right links to any content

If you have a lot of issues and need to contact Twitter, space them out over a few days instead of submitting your issues all at once. Fixing one issue may result in fixes to other Twitter issues.

What to do after you contact Twitter?

While everyone considers their issue to be the most important one for Twitter to respond to, make sure you give them ample time to review your issues.

In my experience, Twitter has been very quick with their response times. Most of my issues have been answered within 24-48 hours. Some issues have taken considerably longer, depending on the nature of the issue.

Question: What are some of the issues you currently have and need to contact Twitter to fix? Leave a comment below with your issues.