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20 Google Extensions to Expand Google+

Google Extensions

Google+ is one of my favorite social networks to use. Sure, it started off with a lot of posts about technology, but in the past two years, it has grown significantly. One thing I like is how you can expand its functionality by adding in Google extensions within Google Chrome to add new features to your Google+ account.

We’ve put together 20 of our favorite Google extensions to help make using Google+ easier.

20 Google extensions to expand Google+

+1 Button

What it does: The +1 Button extension for Google+ let’s you curate websites and articles you think are important. To use this Google extension, simply click the +1 button in your browser. The website or article is automatically added to a new “+1” tab you can keep private or share with other Google+ users.

Extended share for Google Plus

What it does: The extended share for Google Plus adds in the ability to share content withint Google+ not just on Google+, but on other popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.

+Photo Zoom

What is does: This Google extensions apps adds in the ability to zoom in on photos in your Google Plus news feed. To use, simply install the browser extension and start hovering over photos in your Google stream. You can now zoom in and make photos larger.

Plus Minus

What is does: The Plus Minus Google extension adds in automatic scrolling, choose which circles show up in your Google Plus stream, mark posts as read and more.

Beautify G+

What it does: The Beautify G+ extension adds in functionality to hide certain areas of Google Plus, enable audio notifications and more.

Everything went black for Google Plus

What it does: The Everything went black for Google Plus is one of those Google extensions everyone should have installed. This extension makes using Google Plus a little easier by adding in subtle features like a back to top button – no more scrolling! Users of this extension also have the ability to change colors of items in their Google Plus setup.

G+me for Google Plus

What is does: The G+me for Google Plus extension let’s you control your Google stream. You can collapse comments, hide certain elements, get instant previews and more.

Golden view for Google+

What is does: This Google+ extension let’s you mute and unmute certain users. This way you can maintain a clean Google+ stream.

Google+ Tweaks

What is does: Make tweaks to your Google+ layout with this Google extension.

Helper for Google+

What is does: This is one of my favorite Google extensions. Helper for Google+ adds in bookmarking, desktop notifications, extensions for Twitter and Facebook, along with the ability to link hashtags in posts.

Keyboard shortcuts for Google+

What is does: Make posting updates a breeze by learning Google+ keyboard shortcuts. This Google extension adds keyboard shortcuts to many of your most often used Google+ features.

Move your photos

What is does: Move your photos makes it easy to export your Facebook photos to Picasa (Google’s service).

Quick Hangouts for Google+

What is does: How many times have you tried to join a Google hangout, but couldn’t find it? This Google extensions pretty neat, as it adds a link underneath “start hangout” to let you see active Google hangouts.

Publish sync for Google+ & Facebook

What is does: With publish sync for Google+ and Facebook, you can sync your Google+ updates with Facebook.

Replies and more for Google Plus

What is does: This Google extension adds in the ability to share on Twitter and Facebook, reply to the author, and more.

Search extension for Google Plus

What is does: The search extension for Google Plus let’s you filter search results by post, profile, and more.

PinIt for Google Plus

What is does: The PintIt for Google Plus extension let’s you pin your favorite posts to the sidebar. This way you can always find them when you need them.


What is does: The Surplus Google extension adds desktop notifications along with the ability to respond to new posts on Google+ from a popup window.


What is does: With the Google+Tweet extension, you can tweet out your Google+ updates from within your Google+ dashboard.

Usability boost for Google Plus

What is does: This extension changes the Google+ design to make it easier to read.

Question: Which of these Google extensions do you plan on trying first? You can leave a comment by clicking here.