18 Facebook Page Post Tips

18 Facebook Page Post Tips [infographic]

Choosing what to write for your Facebook page post can be a challenge for most Facebook Page owners. A lot of times, this is because the business doesn’t have a strategy in place for their Facebook Page.

As a result, most businesses resort to posting the wrong type of Facebook page post just to keep their numbers up.

What is considered a bad Facebook Page Post?

For one reason or another, when businesses¬†create a Facebook Page, they are only concerned with how many likes their page has. While having a lot of likes on your Facebook Page can mean more opportunities to reach more people, that’s not the end goal. The end goal is to get people back to your website to check out your products, goods, and services that you offer, and to buy them.

If you don’t sell any products and only post content, your goal is to get people back to your website to read your content.

In either case, Facebook is just a vehicle to get them there.

So what is considered a poor choice for a Facebook Page post? Here are a few examples.


Sure, quotes will help increase likes on your Facebook content, but will they get people back to your website? Unless you’re known for selling books filled with quotes, skip this type of Facebook Page post. It gives off a false sense of improvement, but won’t ring the cash register.

Internet memes

Internet memes are cute, but being cute also doesn’t sell products (unless you’re a model). Like quotes, Internet memes will elicit a lot of likes, but they won’t get people to buy your product. Answer this, when was the last time Gangnam Style sold someone a piece of gym equipment? Exactly.


We’re not suggesting that posting photos is a bad choice for a Facebook page post. When you’re ready to make a Facebook Page post, just make sure your images are sized properly. This way your message comes through loud and clear. There’s nothing like posting a photo and not having the part of the photo visible for your fans and customers to see. Take that extra couple of minutes to size your images before your post them. This will make your page look better in the end.

If you’re not sure what image sizes to use for your Facebook Page, check out this Facebook dimensions cheat sheet, complete with all of the sizes your business needs to know when creating a Facebook Page post.

Now that you’re aware of some of the poor choices for a Facebook Page post,¬†Mike Maghsoudi and the team at PostRocket¬†have a few tips to share with you to sweeten your Facebook Page.

18 Facebook Page Post Tips
18 Facebook Page Post Tips

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