Delete a Facebook unpublished post

Cleaning up Power Editor: How to delete a Facebook unpublished post or dark post

Did you create too many Facebook unpublished posts in Power Editor?

Do you find it difficult to locate ads in Facebook Power Editor?

In this article I’ll show you how to delete a Facebook unpublished post or dark post.

This way you can spend more time creating Facebook Ads instead of scrolling through ones you no longer need!

How to delete a Facebook unpublished post

To delete a Facebook unpublished post, watch this short video.

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Step 1: Launch Facebook Power Editor

Facebook Power Editor
Access Facebook Power Editor to delete a Facebook unpublished post

Step 2: Select “Manage Pages”

Manage pages in Power Editor

Once you select “Manage Pages,” choose your Facebook Page on the left.

Manage pages in Power Editor

Step 3: Select the Facebook unpublished post in Power Editor that you want to delete

Facebook unpublished post
A Facebook unpublished post or dark post has a moon next to it

Although there isn’t a delete button, you can still delete your dark or unpublished posts!

Step 4: Press the delete key

This will add an X next to your post. You’re not finished yet though!

Step 5: Select the “Upload changes” button

Publish Facebook unpublished posts
To delete a Facebook unpublished post, select the upload changes button

Upload changes to Facebook Power Editor

Additional tips on deleting an unpublished post

If you do not upload changes in Facebook Power Editor, your unpublished post will not get deleted.

If you have multiple Facebook unpublished posts you want to delete, you can select each one and press the delete key.

Then upload changes.

You will be asked to select the unpublished posts you want to delete in Facebook Power Editor.

Your turn

I prefer to keep things nice and tidy. How about you?

On average, how many unpublished posts do you have right now in Facebook Power Editor?

Question: Clean or cluttered? How do you prefer to keep Facebook Power Editor? Leave a comment below and let me know.