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How to overcome the 20% Facebook Ads rule with the Facebook Ads facebook text overlay tool

Are you tired of wasting time creating Facebook Ads only to have them rejected by Facebook, forcing you to start over?

While you cannot regain the time you lost, with the Facebook Ads tool, you can test your Facebook Ads before submitting them.

This way you can focus your time and energy on others important areas such as ad targeting.

How does the Facebook Ads tool work?

When running Facebook Ads, Facebook has a 20% text rule. What this means is that your ads cannot contain more than 20% text. But what constitutes 20%?

Instead of spending time creating Facebook Ads, uploading them, and waiting to see if they are approved or rejected, you can get your Facebook Ads approved faster with the help of the Facebook Ads tool.

The Facebook Ads tool or Facebook text overlay tool is a tool designed to let you upload a Facebook Ad you plan to use and determine if it meets Facebook’s 20% text rule for Facebook Ads.

Example of a Facebook Ad
Using the Facebook Ads tool to check for 20% text.

As always, before creating any ads, be sure you have read through the Facebook Ad guidelines. This way your Facebook Ads won’t get rejected for other reasons such as the type of content your ad is about.

To get started with the Facebook Ads tool, I’ve included a short video and instructions below.

Video: Using the Facebook Ads tool for faster ad approvals

YouTube Preview Image

  1. Launch the Facebook Ads tool grid
  2. Click the choose file button
  3. Select the Facebook Ads image from your hard drive
  4. Click the boxes that contain your text

Note: If you click more than 5 of the boxes (20% of text) on your Facebook Ad, this means your Facebook Ad will go beyond the 20% text allowed for Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads tool
The Facebook Ads tool (also called the Facebook text overlay tool) can you get your Facebook Ads approved faster.

Bringing it all together

While this is a very manual process to determine if your Facebook Ads will get approved or rejected, it can save you a lot of time.

Although you can submit your ad without using the Facebook Ads tool, if you know that your ad includes a lot of text, your chances are high that your ad will get rejected and need to be modified.

Save yourself time and spend the extra few minutes testing out your ads before you submit them.

Besides the Facebook Ads tool, what other strategies have you used to help ensure your Facebook Ads get approved?

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