Facebook alternate name

Adding a Facebook alternate name or nickname on a Facebook Profile

Do you go by a different name? Learn how to add a Facebook alternate name to your Facebook Profile in just a few steps.

Why add an alternate name

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to add an alternate name to your profile.

For example, you may have recently gotten married and friends you went to school with only know your maiden name.

Alternatively, if someone only knows your nickname, it can be difficult to find you in search.

Types of alternate names you can add

When you’re ready to add your alternate name, here are some of the types of names you can add.

  • Maiden name
  • Nickname
  • Professional name

To add your alternate name to your Facebook Profile, follow the instructions below.

How to add a Facebook alternate name

Step 1: Login to your Facebook Profile

Step 2: Click the widget in the top-right corner

Facebook menu

Step 3: Select Account settings



Within the account settings menu, select General > Name and then edit.


Facebook account settings menu
View of the Facebook account settings menu.
Facebook general settings menu
Change your Facebook alternate name in the general settings menu

Step 4: Enter your Facebook alternate name along with your password you use to login to Facebook.

Facebook alternate name field

Note: You can choose to show your alternate name on Facebook by checking the box.

Once you add your Facebook alternate name to your profile, here is what it looks like.

Facebook Profile with an alternate name
Example of a Facebook Profile displaying a Facebook alternate name

Your turn

Do you have an alternate name that you go by? Leave a comment below on if you go by an alternate name and if you shared that on your Facebook profile.