Facebook hashtags

How to use Facebook hashtags on Facebook Profiles and Pages

Facebook hashtags

While hashtags on Facebook have been available because of users automating Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest updates to their news feed, they did not become official until today. Now Facebook has their own hashtag called Facebook hashtags that you can use when posting status updates.

Grouping content on Facebook with hashtags

The main advantage of Facebook hashtags is that you can make it easier to follow conversations in your  news feed. For example, instead of scrolling through your Facebook news feed and seeing lots of updates about the same type of conversation such as the NBA Finals, you can click on a hashtag to filter your conversations so that you only see ones associated with the #NBAFinals.

In addition to helping streamline your news feed, Facebook hashtags will also help with Facebook Graph Search. This means you’ll be able to find updates and discover new people and pages to connect with on Facebook.

How to use Facebook hashtags

If you’re familiar with Twitter hashtags, Facebook hashtags are not very different. Basically, it’s a way to organize content posted to Facebook.

To use hashtags on your Facebook Profile or Facebook Page, simply type the hashtag symbol (#) in front of a word.

For example, if you’re interested in the NBA Finals, you would type #NBAFinals.

Other types of hashtags include popular television shows, such as #GameofThrones, #DowntonAbbey, #Oscars, #Emmys, #WorldSeries, etc.

Features of Facebook hashtags

Here are a few helpful tips on using Facebook hashtags:

  • You can include Facebook hashtags in status updates and comments
  • Clicking on hashtags posted on Facebook will sort your Facebook news feed updates for that specific topic
  • Hashtags includes in updates from sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest will function when clicked
  • You can search hashtags by entering them into Facebook Graph Search
  • Only public conversations are searched
  • Facebook hashtags within Facebook advertising is not supported (yet)
  • You cannot pay to promote a hashtag on Facebook – use Facebook promoted posts instead
  • Facebook hashtags do not work on mobile at this time

How can I get Facebook hashtags?

Just like all new Facebook features, not everyone has this feature just yet. To get Facebook hashtags, you don’t have to fill out any forms. Facebook will be rolling them out to everyone over the next few weeks.

When you do finally get them, you’ll start to see hashtags appear in your news feed. These will be clickable.

How can I use Facebook hashtags to my advantage?

If you’re someone who has your tweets automatically published to your Facebook Profile or Facebook Page, you don’t have to feel silly using hashtags now. Your friends can also join the conversation without feeling awkward. 

In addition, there are other ways you can benefit from using Facebook hashtags in your status updates.

  • Insert your Facebook post into a conversation
  • If you have your tweets automatically posted to Facebook, the hashtags will now be clickable (a time-saver!)
  • If you’re a business, expand your conversations to reach new customers for specific events. Ex: #fathersday, #superbowl, etc.

Question: Now that Facebook hashtags are available, how do you plan to use them, or will you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.