Facebook organize tool

Get organized with the Facebook organize tool

Is your Facebook news feed overrun with updates from people you no longer interact with? Did you know you can use the Facebook organize tool to clean-up your news feed.

What is the Facebook organize tool?

The Facebook organize tool is a way to remove updates from your news feed from people you don’t interact with very often.

When you use the organize tool to remove people, you are telling Facebook that you don’t want to see updates from those individuals in your news feed – you’re not actually disconnecting your friendship with those people.

Instead, what this does is it reduces the number of updates you see in your news feed from them.

This is very helpful if there are people you haven’t interacted with someone in quite some time.

Using the organize tool is very easy. Follow the instructions below to start cleaning up your news feed with the Facebook organize tool.

Using the Facebook organize tool

To access the Facebook organize tool, go to https://www.facebook.com/friends/organize.

There, you’ll see the following screen where you can select people to move from your main news feed.

Facebook organize tool

While there are four steps listed, basically, each step walks you through people you know from different places. For example, mine listed people I worked with, went to school with, and people who live in the same city as me who I do not interact with much.

Your recommendations may vary.

As you remove people from your news feed, they are added to your “acquaintances” list. This means you won’t see very many updates from them.

Facebook Organize tool vs. Facebook add interest lists

Facebook offers many ways to organize your news feed. There is the Facebook organize tool and Facebook add interest lists – among others.

Personally, I like using Facebook add interest lists because they are more customizable and can save time.

Using the Facebook organize tool though is a quick and easy way to clean-up your news feed if you have too many updates from an individual and you really don’t want to unfriend them.

Tips on using the Facebook organize tool

Are the people I remove using the organize tool removed as a Facebook friend?

No. When you remove someone using the Facebook organize tool, Facebook adjusts your news feed so that you see less of their updates.

How do I access the Facebook organize tool?

To access the Facebook organize tool, visit the following link. https://www.facebook.com/friends/organize. There, Facebook will suggest users to you that you may want to move to your Acquaintances list.

If someone is not listed in the Facebook organize tool, can I manually add them to be removed?

Yes. To move someone out of your news feed, click here to access your lists. Select the Acquaintances list and then select “edit.” This will give you the opportunity to manually add a user.

You can also do this from your news feed, by hovering over a users name and adding them to the Acquaintances list so that you see less updates from them in your news feed.

Where do people go when I remove them?

If you have removed someone using the organize tool, they are added to your Acquaintances list on Facebook. To access the acquaintances list, click here.

De-cluttering your news feed

I’m very glad that there is a tool to reduce the updates you see from people you don’t interact with much on Facebook. While it’s easy to use the Facebook organize tool, finding the organize tool may prove to be challenging.

What are your thoughts on using the organize tool? Are you glad you have a way to change who you see updates from in your news feed?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.