Facebook shared photo albums

Facebook shared photo albums – collaborate and consolidate [video]

If you’ve ever attended a conference or gone on vacation with friends or family, you know how frustrating it can be to collect all of the photos that everyone took. With Facebook shared photo albums, you can now easily share photos and consolidate them into one album.

Facebook shared photo albums

What are Facebook shared photo albums?

Facebook shared photo albums are photo albums that multiple people can contribute to. This means they can view, edit, and add photos to an album.

Creating Facebook shared photo albums is very easy (and beneficial). To create shared albums, follow these instructions.

How to create Facebook shared photo albums

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  1. Click into a Facebook photo album.
  2. Click on the “make shared album” button
  3. Add contributors
  4. Set the privacy settings
  5. Click “save”

Tips on creating Facebook shared photo albums

Are Facebook shared photo albums available for Facebook Pages?

No. At the moment, shared photo albums are only available for Facebook Profiles.

Who can see my shared photo albums?

When creating shared photo albums on Facebook, you have three options:

  • Contributors only – contributors and people tagged can view these photos
  • Friends of contributors – contributors, people tagged in a photo, and friends of people tagged can view these photos
  • Public – anyone can see these

What can contributors do?

Contributors can add photos, tag photos, edit a photo album, and add other contributors.

Contributors can only edit or delete photos that they have uploaded.

What can the owner of a shared photo album do?

The owner of a Facebook shared photo album can delete photos posted by a contributor – along with their own photos.

How do I remove a contributor from a shared photo album?

To remove a contributor from a shared photo album, click on a photo album and select edit. Next, click the X next to a contributors name to remove them.

How do I remove myself as a contributor on a Facebook shared photo album?

If you want to remove yourself as a contributor from a Facebook shared photo album, you need to remove yourself from a shared album. To do this, click the photo album and then the gear icon. Select “leave album.”

Can I access shared photo albums on a mobile device?

At the moment, Facebook shared photo albums are not available on mobile.

Your turn

There is tremendous potential using Facebook shared photo albums to share photos and collaborate with others.

What other features would you like to see added to photo sharing on Facebook? Let me know in the comments below.