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13 Mind-blowing Facebook stats

Facebook recently released their second quarter earnings for 2013. With a lot riding on Facebook’s quarterly earnings report, they released a number of Facebook stats to go along with it.

Fortunately, they didn’t need all of the stats that they provided to demonstrate how well Facebook is doing. For those of you interested in seeing which Facebook stats were shared, Craig Smith at Digital Marketing Ramblings compiled a comprehensive list.

So what Facebook stats did they talk about? Obviously, mobile usage was a big one. Others covered the growth of Facebook’s users.

Overall, they were interesting stats that provided good insight into the health of Facebook – which is very good at the moment.

Here’s a rundown on some of the Facebook stats that I found interesting.

  • There are 1.15 billion total Facebook users [tweet this]
  • Facebook has 699 million daily active users [tweet this]
  • On average, users are connected to 89 pages and groups [tweet this]
  • Users spend 20 minutes on average per day on Facebook [tweet this]
  • The average Facebook user has 141.5 friends [tweet this]
  • Checking Facebook is what 48% of users between the age of 18-34 do first in the morning [tweet this]

If you like these Facebook stats, keep reading, as there are more (and an infographic).

13 mind-blowing Facebook stats

Facebook stats

[Via Mindjumpers]

Facebook stats that surprised me

My favorite Facebook stat was the sheer volume of Instagram photos that get shared. Out of 130 million users, 40 million are shared on a daily basis [tweet this].

I expect this number to grow significantly over the next few years as Instagram is more tightly integrated within the Facebook platform.

Facebook stats that shocked me

The most shocking Facebook stat was that on average, users only spend 20 minutes per day on Facebook [tweet this].

This shocked me because when you think about how many times you say you’re only spending five minutes on Facebook, it usually turns into hours.

This suggests that a lot of Facebook users are casual users.

Your take on Facebook stats

Which of these are the most shocking to you? Which ones surprised you? Let me know by leaving a comment below.