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Facebook Page Images & Optimizing for EdgeRank

It’s no secret, Facebook EdgeRank is tough to crack. In fact, according to PostRocket, you’re more likely to get into Harvard than to get into the Facebook news feed (seriously). So why is it so difficult for your Facebook Page to break into the news feed? One of the main reasons is because your Facebook Page images are not optimized properly.

Facebook Page images and the news feed

Studies show that 1 of 500 stories actually make it into the Facebook news feed. So how can you increase your odds of getting your content seen?

Instead of posting status updates that focus on text updates only, post Facebook Page images instead – and optimize them.

Ways to optimize Facebook Page images:

  • Start with a high quality image and resize it, don’t go the other way!
  • Make sure images are not blurry
  • Decide if you want to use a regular image or highlight an image on your Facebook Page (the sizes are different)

How to optimize Facebook Page images for EdgeRank

Now that you have a few ideas on what you can do to improve the Facebook Page images that you post, what are the image sizes that you need to know?

Mike Maghsoudi put together this helpful infographic that covers how Facebook chooses to resize images that you include in your updates. Be sure to read through this, as it does a great job highlighting image sizes and how they appear on Facebook.

Remember, if you start off with a bad image, it will only get worse when it gets resized by Facebook.

Pro tip: One thing I like to do in my photo editing software is to create a template for each image size. This way I have them available whenever I want to create a new image.


Facebook Page images

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Question: Which types of posts do you engage with most often on Facebook? Posts with images, posts with text, or a little bit of both? Let me know by leaving a comment below.