How to edit a Facebook video thumbnail image

How to customize your Facebook video thumbnail

If you share a lot of videos on your Facebook Page, one thing you want to do is to be sure to customize your Facebook video thumbnail images.

Why use a custom image?

When you customize your image, this gives you the opportunity to determine what your fans see in their news feed. Doing this can influence their decision to click on your video.

For example, how many of you would click on a video that had this image in your news feed?

Facebook video without a thumbnail
Facebook video without a custom thumbnail.

How about this one instead?

Facebook video with a thumbnail
Facebook video with a custom thumbnail.

So how do you go about setting a custom Facebook video thumbnail image? Follow the instructions below.

How to customize your Facebook video thumbnail

YouTube Preview Image

Step 1: Upload a video to Facebook

Be sure you follow the requirements for Facebook videos. This will also help ensure your videos look good when people view them on Facebook.

Note: In order to customize the video thumbnail, you have to upload a video to Facebook. You cannot link to a YouTube video.

Upload a Facebook video
Uploading a video to Facebook.


Step 2: Once your video has been processed, click on photos > albums

Facebook photo albums
Look in your Facebook photos albums to see your Facebook videos.

Step 3: After you select a video, hover over the video and click the pencil icon. Select edit video

Editing a Facebook video
Click “edit this video” to change your video thumbnail image.

Step 4: Under “Choose a thumbnail,” select a new thumbnail for your video.

Facebook photo albums
Look in your Facebook photos albums to see your Facebook videos.

Step 5: Click Save.

Wrap-up on thumbnail images

By taking the time to select an appropriate thumbnail image for your Facebook video, not only will it help make your videos look better in the news feed, but you’ll improve the experience for your fans in the process – which is great because they’ll then be looking out for new videos that you share.

Do you have additional questions on using Facebook to share your videos? Leave your questions and comments below.

  • Jen Smith

    This video came at the perfect time! I was just trying to do this exact thing! Problem is, I’ve got my video hosted on Wistia and I’d like to use the embed code so I can keep my call to action at the end of the video (email sign up). But it doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas on this?

  • Shirley Groenewald

    Hi Christian. Do you know how to do this with the new Facebook and for a Facebook Business Page? I have tried to follow your tutorial but when I click on “Edit Video” it takes me to the list of my albums and the videos are not there. Thank you.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @Shirley Groenewald:disqus, the process is the same for Facebook Pages. Upload a video using the photo/video upload. Wait for it to process. Then go to Photos – which have relocated to the left column on timeline. Click on albums.

      Once your video has been processed, you will see a videos section. You can then click into the video and edit it.

    • Michael Rock

      me too

      • Christian Karasiewicz

        @michael_rock:disqus,I just tested this the other day. The process for uploading Facebook video thumbnails didn’t change.

        Where are you getting stuck at?

        • Michael Rock

          When I click “edit this video” it takes me to my general photos page, not an editing window. I can’t get that editing window no matter what I do.

          • Christian Karasiewicz

            Michael Rock, can you send me a screenshot?



          • Christian Karasiewicz

            @michael_rock:disqus, you have a Facebook Profile and a Page created within the profile, correct?

            Also try switching how you are using Facebook using Use Facebook as…located in the dropdown menu in the top right corner.

  • john

    There are 10 diff thumbnail views to choose from ….. What if the one I like is not on the 10 listed thumbnails …. Is there a way I could choose a different one? [not on the 10 listed thumbnails}

  • altobone

    Hi Christian, is it possible to upload a jpg of a custom thumbnail to use instead of the 10 that Facebook gives you? In other words, like Youtube. I think it’s possible on a facebook page but how about a video on the basic timeline?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      For profiles, they don’t let you upload a custom thumbnail like you can for videos on pages. You only get the 10 thumbnails to select from @altobone:disqus.