Infographic on visual learning

13 Reasons why we are into visual learning

Today, all we seem to hear about are infographics. For every collection of new statistics that gets published, someone creates an infographic just so that we can decipher them. So why are we so much into visual learning these days?

Some would place the blame squarely on Facebook and Twitter because they encourage us to be connected 24/7. Others would blame the rise of smartphones.

Sure, you could argue all of these points; however. It seems the real reason why we are so much into visual learning is because we’re on information overload.

Think about it. We are connected 24/7, everyone carries a smartphone, and we are being fed new information from people we are connected to on our social media channels.

Because we are constantly being fed new information, we have to keep up. That’s why visual learning is becoming so important.

Here are a few statistics on visual learning and our brain.

Keep reading and check out the following interactive infographic on more reasons why we are into visual learning.

Note: This infographic isn’t what you are accustomed to (it is interactive), so be sure to click the infographic to see it in action.

13 Reasons why we are into visual learning

Visual learning with infographics
13 reasons why your brain craves infographics. Source: NeoMam

Is visual learning here to stay?

Personally, I am visual learner. I find it helps me understand things better. In a way, this is a good thing but at the same time, since visual learning is doing a lot of the processing and analysis for us, it causes us not to think for ourselves.

What do you think about visual learning? Leave a comment below and tell me how you prefer to learn new things stats or visual images?