Add Google Maps in iOS 6

How to add Google Maps in iOS 6

Adding Google Maps in IOS 6

Yesterday, Apple CEO, Tim Cook announced that Apple “fell short” with Apple Maps in iOS 6. While Apple Maps received a lot of negative press when it first launched – in particular,  users complained that Apple Maps was buggy and provided the wrong directions, I had the opportunity to use it and while I enjoyed using Apple Maps (no wrong directions here), what I missed most were walking directions. Other than that, I felt it was an adequate solution, that will continue to improve over time.

With no official app available for Google Maps, how do you add Google Maps in iOS 6 (or can you)? Fortunately, there’s a very quick and easy way to add Google Maps in iOS 6. Details are below.

How to add Google Maps in iOS 6

  1. Launch Safari
  2. Go to
  3. At the bottom of the screen, click the arrow
  4. Select “add to home screen”
  5. If you want to – change the text that appears. Otherwise, click “add”
  6. Google Maps icon will now appear on your screen

While you cannot delete the Apple Maps app, you’ve just learned how to add Google Maps in iOS 6. Now anytime you want to use Google Maps, just launch the web app and get directions.

Have you had the chance to use Apple Maps? What are your thoughts? Did it get your directions correct? Send me a tweet
with your feedback about it.