How to increase YouTube engagement

How to increase YouTube engagement by 374%

Are you struggling with finding ways to increase YouTube engagement?

What if you could make a few changes to your videos to increase YouTube engagement by up to 374%?

If you’re not yet sold on using YouTube in your content marketing, I want you to think about this.

Where else can you can get a consistent number of people search and watching videos month in and month out?

If you already have a YouTube channel and you are already doing content marketing using YouTube videos, but you aren’t seeing the results you would like, I have some techniques for you on what you can do to increase YouTube engagement on your existing content.

If you have at least thought about using your YouTube channel in your social media strategy but aren’t yet convinced, I’m going to share with you some stats on why you should use YouTube in your content marketing to help increase YouTube engagement as you begin to post more video content.

YouTube best practices

If you are not happy with the results you are seeing on YouTube, here are a few tweaks to consider making:

If you have put off adding a thumbnail image to your videos, here’s a tutorial on adding a custom YouTube thumbnail image and a free template to get you started.

When I first started creating YouTube videos, my videos were too long. What did I do to fix them?

I looked at my YouTube analytics to get an idea on where people were stopping in my videos and on future videos, I shortened them!

Today, I average a few thousand views per day as a result!

One other area you want to focus on to increase YouTube engagement is to use your email list!

While these are just some of the ways you can increase YouTube engagement, there are even more things you can be doing.

If you’re ready to start using YouTube to improve your engagement and drive more traffic to your website, consider making these changes to your videos in this infographic from Quicksprout.

How to increase YouTube engagement by 374%

How to increase YouTube engagement
Tips on how to increase YouTube engagement. Source: Quicksprout

By tweaking just a few areas on your YouTube videos, you can start to increase YouTube engagement significantly!

Final thoughts

Which of the techniques have you used to increase YouTube engagement on your YouTube content and by how much?

Leave a comment below and tell me what some of your favorite ways are to increase YouTube engagement and tell me what type of content you post on your YouTube channel.