Instagram hashtags

Maximizing reach with Instagram hashtags

Instagram hashtags

How many of you include hashtags with your Instagram photos?

If you have been avoiding using hashtags on Instagram, it is time to re-consider.

Why you need to be using hashtags on Instagram

For those of you who need a refresher on how hashtags work, if you do not include them, photos you share are limited to the size of your network.

This means that while you may have a great photo, if you have a small following, not many people are going to see your photos.

When you include hashtags on Instagram, you increase your chances that someone else following the same hashtag will see your photo and engage with it.

Do hashtags really work?

While using hashtags on other social networks like Facebook do little to help with exposure.

Instagram users see higher engagement and get more interactions when using hashtags.

For example:

Source: Buffer

Instagram user stats:

While Instagram triggers higher engagement and more interactions, they also have a very active social network.

This means if you are looking to get more exposure and to grow your brands presence, this is a good way to go.

So how do you know which hashtags to use to increase your interactions on Instagram?

While some users will use random hashtags for giveaways and specific social media campaigns, it is best to try to stick with the more popular hashtags.

These include: #food, #beauty, #makeup, and so on.

This is so that you can insert your photos into the larger conversation and increase visibility with other Instagram users.

To help you get started, here is a list of some popular Instagram hashtags.

I have also included tools you can use to help identify the right hashtags to use.

Identifying relevant Instagram hashtags

Instagram hashtags
Infographic on choosing the right Instagram hashtags to use with your photos. Source: Sociable UK

Success with Instagram hashtags

If you would like to be successful with using Instagram hashtags, here are a few of my favorite tools you can use to identify relevant hashtags and photos on Instagram.

Remember, hashtags are just one piece of the Instagram puzzle. You also need to consider the types of photos that you take and understand which ones drive engagement on Instagram.

Your turn

While other social networks suggest that you limit yourself when using hashtags, Instagram users benefit from including more hashtags.

Have you seen been successful with hashtags on your Instagram account? 

Leave a comment on which hashtags have worked the best for you on Instagram.