How to search Facebook posts using Google

Digging up past posts from Facebook profiles and pages with the help of Google search

How to search Facebook posts using Google

Are you tired of waiting for Facebook to let you use Facebook Graph search to search Facebook posts? They say it is coming, but that was four months ago.

Instead of sitting around waiting at your keyboard to search Facebook posts, here is a nifty trick using Google to search through posts from a Facebook Profile or Facebook Page.

Google + Facebook search strategy

I have been using this Google search trick for a while and it is very handy for a number of reasons:

  • Search competitor Facebook Pages
  • Search your friends posts
  • Search posts for people you are not friends with
  • Save time and quickly locate past posts

To use Google to search Facebook posts, follow these instructions.

How to search Facebook posts using Google Search

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Step 1: Launch Google

Step 2: Type in

Step 3: Press the “Google search” button

Here is what you will see when you search Facebook posts using Google.

Searching Facebook using Google

Searching Facebook profiles

If you want to search posts on a Facebook Profile, you would enter the following search query:

Note: Not all posts will show up. It depends on what Google has indexed and also if a post is public or not.

Searching Facebook pages

To search posts on a Facebook Page, you would enter this query.

Adding keywords

When you first run this search query, it will bring back a list of posts. If you want to search for a specific topic, you can narrow down your search results by adding keywords.

For example, if I wanted to search Social Media Examiner’s Facebook Page for posts containing the word “gadget,” I would enter the following in Google. gadget

Your turn

With this handy Google search trick, you can now search posts on Facebook in just a few minutes to locate posts on competitor’s Facebook Pages or to locate a post on your friends profile.

How do you see yourself using this Google search trick? What will you be searching for? 

Leave a comment below.