Integrate Instagram with Facebook

3 Ways to make your Instagram community explode using Facebook

Do you wish your business could grow its presence on Instagram?

It takes a lot of time and energy to create a successful Instagram strategy for your business.

To be successful on using Instagram for business, it requires developing a following and continuously creating and sharing new and exciting photos and videos with your audience to get them excited about products and services.

As your content gets shared, more people will see it and engage with it and help grow your network.

While this process will help you grow your Instagram following, you could be missing out on adding more followers when you don’t integrate Instagram with Facebook.

Here are three ways you can integrate Instagram with Facebook to help to get more exposure for your photos and videos and grow your presence on Instagram.

3 Ways to integrate Instagram with Facebook

1. Share Instagram photos on your Facebook Profile

One way to integrate Instagram with Facebook is to share your Instagram photos with your Facebook friends.

When you share Instagram photos, you can choose to have them published on your Facebook Profile.

This will allow your friends who are not connected with you on Instagram to see them on their Facebook news feed.
Integrate Instagram with Facebook Profile

2. Link Instagram and Facebook pages

A second way to integrate Instagram with Facebook is to link Instagram to your Facebook Page.

Just like when you share your Instagram photos and videos on your profile, you can also choose to share them on your Facebook Page.

When you do this, you can leverage the content you create for Instagram along with your Facebook fans.


3. Create a Facebook landing page tab

A third way to integrate Instagram with Facebook is to create a Facebook landing page using Shortstack.

When you create a Facebook landing page to display Instagram on your Facebook Page, you can share a link to your landing page with fans.

This way they can view your Instagram photos and videos on Facebook and follow your business on Instagram.


Your turn

What other ways do you let people on you are on Instagram?

Leave a comment below and let me know where else you share your Instagram photos and videos.

  • Antonio Calero

    I’m particularly not fan of publishing everything from one Social Media network into another, however if I’m correct, Shortstack allows you to publish only content with a specific hashtag. In this way you could select which images are displayed on your tab. Great article!

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      Thanks @AntonioCalero:disqus, yes, you can go beyond just pulling all of your content by specifying a hashtag. That is ideally what businesses should consider doing, but some of them want to push the same content once (not the best approach, but a good one if you’re just getting started).