How to create a Twitter retweet link

How to boost sharing with a Twitter retweet link!

Do you send out a lot of tweets on Twitter but don’t have a lot of people retweeting them?

Would you like to learn how you can generate more engagement on Twitter and build better awareness for your business?

In this article I’ll show you how to create a Twitter retweet link that can help you do that.

What is a Twitter retweet link?

A Twitter retweet link is a direct link to retweet your tweet.

With a Twitter retweet link, you can save your readers time by providing a way for them to easily retweet you without having to go to Twitter, find your tweet, and then click to retweet it.

Twitter retweet link example
Example of a link to a retweet on Twitter

Where can I use a Twitter retweet link?

You can include a retweet link anywhere you can add a hyperlink.

Here are some of my favorite places to use them:

  • In a blog post
  • Within an eBook
  • Email newsletters
  • Email signature

Follow these steps to learn how to create a Twitter retweet link to start getting more people sharing your content on Twitter.

How to create a Twitter retweet link

Step 1: Find a tweet you want to have retweeted

Sample tweet
Example of a tweet you want someone to retweet

Step 2: Click on the date of the tweet

You can also right-click on the date and copy the link.

How to get your Twitter link
How to get the link to your tweet so you can create a retweet link

Step 3: Get your tweet ID

In the URL bar, copy the long string of numbers at the end of your Twitter URL.

How to get your Twitter URL
How to get your Twitter URL for your retweet

Step 4: Creating your Twitter retweet link

To create your retweet link, copy the following code.

Replace the number with the one you got in step 3.

Step 5: Sharing your Twitter retweet link

Now that you have your retweet link created, all you have to do is create a hyperlink and paste in your Twitter retweet link!

When someone clicks your link, they will be taken to a screen to retweet your tweet!

Here is an example of a Twitter retweet link.

It is also important to remember you cannot retweet your own tweet so you may need to have someone else help you test it.

This way you make sure it works before sharing it.


If you want to make your Twitter retweet links standout even more, you can also turn it into a button.

This way your retweet is more visible to your audience.

Here is an example of a Twitter retweet link in the form of a button.

Click to retweet

Over to you

By including a Twitter retweet link in your content, you can make it easier to encourage people to share it.

Question: What are some ways you plan to use a retweet link? Leave a comment below and share some of your ideas on how you plan to use them. 


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