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Link Instagram and Facebook Pages You Manage

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If you want to link Instagram and Facebook Pages that you manage, all it takes is a few minutes.

Before you link Instagram and Facebook Pages together, consider these amazing stats: every 58 seconds, a photo is uploaded to Instagram1 new user joins Instagram every second, and 50 million+ users are already using Instagram.

If those don’t move you to link Instagram and Facebook Pages you manage together, think about it from your fans’ standpoint.

Besides posting  typical Facebook Page updates – “LIKE this post…”, we launched a new product or news about your brand, Instagram photos can be a great way to boost the quality of the content you already post to your Facebook Page.

Why link Instagram and Facebook Pages?

When you link Instagram and Facebook Pages together, not only will this give you additional content to share with your fans, but you’ll also have additional opportunities to engage more with fans.

For example, instead of just taking photos of your business, you can use Instagram to give fans an insiders look into your business. Here are a few typs of photos you can share on Instagram and post to your Facebook Page.

  • Details about your business
  • What your business does
  • Photos of products that you sell (with Instagram filters applied)
  • Spy shots of something that you’re working on (make sure you don’t give away every new product).

In addition to the great content you can generate by taking and sharing photos, you can also save your business time.  When you link Instagram and Facebook Pages you manage together, every time you take a photo with Instagram, it will automatically be uploaded to your Facebook Page for your fans to see, comment, and like!

How to link Instagram and Facebook Pages:

Share Instagram photos on your Facebook Page
Curated by Christian Karasiewicz Christian Karasiewicz
Step 1: Download Instagram

Download Instagram (iPhone or iPad)

Note: there is not an iPad specific version of Instagram, but you can run this version on both devices.

Step 2: Edit Settings
Step 2: Edit Settings

Select ‘Settings’ – bottom right corner.  Next, select the ‘Settings Widget’ – top right corner.

Step 3: Share Settings
Step 3: Share Settings

Select ‘share settings’ to setup your Instagram account with your Facebook Page.

Step 4: Setup your Facebook Page
Step 4: Setup your Facebook Page

Once you have clicked ‘edit sharing settings,’ the next thing to do is to ‘select Facebook.’

Note: You can also setup additional social media accounts on this same screen.

Slide 5: Select a Facebook Page to link to your Instagram account
Slide 5: Select a Facebook Page to link to your Instagram account

You’re almost done! Link your Instagram account and your Facebook account.

Next, select Post to…this is where you will select which Facebook Page you want to have Instagram post to.

Note: Turn on the ‘likes’ option to have Instagram post any likes to your Facebook Page.

Step 6: Post content to Instagram
Step 6: Post content to Instagram

You’re done! Now, anytime you want an Instagram photo to post to your Facebook Page, all you need to do is turn on ‘sharing’ when you snap a photo!

Question: Are you on Instagram? Click here to leave a comment with your Instagram profile and also tell us, what kinds of photos do you share with your Facebook fans?

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  • Vijay Balaji

    for android??

    • SatSTL

      Hi Vijay,
      Works pretty much the same for Android. Just did completed the link on my HTC OneX

      • Vijay Balaji they updated for android too..

      • Christian Karasiewicz

        So glad you were both able to get it working.

  • Rach

    I have tried to link my Instagram pics to my FB account but no luck helppppppp!!!!!!!

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @Rach, where are you getting stuck at?

  • Dana Veincent

    I have an existing instagram under a business name. How do I link that to Facebook page? It links to my personal FB account then created a personal instagram account. I just want my business instagram account to link to the business FB page.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @google-aebe9e708d166b92559baf7a70b0c5fe:disqus, you should be able to follow the same steps that I mention above. Instead of logging into your Instagram personal account, you would login to your Instagram business account instead.

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  • Jillydog

    Hi there Christian, my primary account was deactivated from Instagram for breaching terms and conditions. I tried to reach Instagram and submitted an report stating that I did not breach any T&C to no avail. Recently I created another Instagram account with a separate email but accidentally linked it to my Facebook profile. In other words both my Instagram accounts were linked to same FB profile. Could this be the reason that they deactivated my account? TIA.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      Linking Instagram to a Facebook account definitely shouldn’t be an issue. I suspect it was because of the content you were sharing or how you were sharing it – were you using other tools that were against their policies?


  • Gianni Spradley

    I am having a connectivity issue: I have linked my company’s Instagram page to my company’s Facebook page but my photos are NOT showing up on the Facebook page. I followed the directions to the “T” (per the various forums I’ve read) as well as deleting/re-installing the app and allowing the privacy settings to have access to my accounts/photos/etc. and NOTHING has changed. I have an iPhone 5 and an iPad mini (I used both electronics to connect to the business Instagram/business Facebook). For the love of God, what I am doing wrong?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @giannispradley:disqus, one other to try. Disconnect Facebook and Instagram. Then logout of Facebook on your mobile device – both from the app and through the settings menu (if you are logged in there as well). Then go back to Instagram, login, and then try connecting Facebook.

      Let me know if this fixes the issue.


      • Uma

        Finally!! Success. iPhone 5, trying to link insta to Facebook business. Hours, days of aggravation THEN, it dawned on me. I had to go to my iPad and log out of all my accounts too THEN log back into Instagram then to Facebook. That’s when I finally saw the secondary timeline access to my business via my admin. No long was I seeing that annoying ‘no Facebook page’ etc.

  • Devon Pexa

    This didn’t help, my android phone’s Instagram app does not have a sharing option in it’s settings anywhere. It’s frustrating because we only created an Instagram for our business but because i was the employee who set it up, it links straight to my personal page with zero option to link it to our business. Instagram seems limited in this area, it should be something that is asked during the initial setup of the instagram app “Is this for your business or personal?” Please help me someone 🙂

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @devonpexa:disqus, what version of Android are you running and on what type of device? Android setup is a little different than iOS.

  • Ash

    I am on instagram: @mindofash – its my handmade beach inspired jewelry business from a sleepy island in the pacific
    Here I post pics of my designs of course, but also the beachcombing process, inspiration, and occassional shoutouts to other artists and jewelers. FOllow me for givewaways, coupons, sales, and previews to upcoming designs.
    I’m here because I want to also link my account to my FB business page, not personal account. THanks!

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      You should be able to do this. I need to know what kind of device you use. iOS or Android? iOS is easier. Android is doable, but requires a few steps.

  • Ash

    for some reason I cant get it to link to my facebook PAGE- my IG account says ” no manageable facebook pages found”….not sure how to change this, as I dont want to bombard my personal page with business photos… anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it!…thanks!

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      What type of device are you using? The issue is likely because you don’t have Instagram authorized with Facebook. I recommend logging out of Instagram and Facebook and then log back into Instagram. You should get prompted to login to Facebook and authorize it to connect your accounts properly and get access to your Facebook Pages.

  • Kate

    what if i wanted to UN LINK my instagram from my facebook page? facebook gave me the option to link it, and i did, now i can’t find how to unlink it through either instagram or facebook settings. help!

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      You would unlink Instagram from the Instagram app.

  • Kylie

    Is there any way to link my Instragram from Facebook? I got locked out of my insta and the only way in is through facebook but it isn’t linked. Can I link it together from Facebook somehow?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @disqus_YnX8gYaHCL:disqus, if you set it up, yes. If you didn’t, no.

  • Sandra Salamín Millán

    Hello, I have been trying to link my business account to my business page in Facebook, but it only shares the photos in my personal page in Facebook. I checked the configuration on instagram and has my personal account as pre determined and i don´t know how to change that. My phone is a LG9

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @sandrasalamnmilln:disqus, I think the issue is the version of Android you are running on that device. Some users I have worked with have had to downgrade to get it to work – it’s a flaw.

      • Sandra Salamín Millán

        Thank you very much for your help. I will have to try with another device to see if i can solve my problem 🙂

  • Engy

    When linking Instagram with FB Page, how do you select a page you manage vs personal page?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      It should show up as an option within Instagram when you go to Share Settings > Facebook. There will be an option to share to your timeline (Facebook Profile) or to select a page to share to.

  • Engy

    for iphone 5

  • Leslie

    I’m trying to follow your instructions but my device is an android IOS 4.4.2. None of my instagram screens match your screen shots so I’m at a loss.

    Also, I manage FB pages for more than one business. Do I need to open an instagram account for each business to link?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      Leslie, can you schedule 15 minutes with me to help you with your Instagram issue?

      Regarding switching between businesses, if you are posting from one Instagram account to different Facebook Pages, you would just have to switch the page you are posting to.

      If each one has their own Instagram channel and you want to post from that Instagram channel to a Facebook Page, this would require you to login and logout of each Instagram channel.

  • Ruthie

    Would I follow the same instructions to link a personal facebook page to a new Pinterest account without losing all of our “likes” attached to that page. We think we’re being told there is no way to do this that doesn’t mean losing the “likes” and re-establishing the facebook page as a “professional” page. Please help. Thanks.

  • GP

    On my Share page, it only lists my Timeline (Default) and I am unable to select any other options. And that’s my personal Facebook page. I manage two other Pages on Facebook and would like to link the Instagram account to one of the Pages.

  • sabrina


    I need help switching my customer’s instagram page. Tried many ways to pull up the business page but nothing works.

    Please Help

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @disqus_UhjJxoTIKF:disqus, if your page isn’t coming up, you might need to logout of Facebook and Instagram and reconnect everything again – starting with Instagram.

  • poldave

    I tried to follow this instruction so that my IG images would show on my FB page, but (like Leslie a year ago!) none of screen match your screenshots.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @poldave:disqus, this should still work. The screens have changed very little. Some users have run into issues where sharing on Instagram didn’t post to the page. This is a bug on Instagram. What you actually have to do now is share the post on Instagram. Then go back in and share it on the Facebook Page you want to share it on. An extra, unnecessary step.

  • sadyunyun

    i hope you can help me out. At first my instagram would link to my facebook then all of the sudden, it stop. i dont know whats wrong. I followed your instructions but the images do not match. my phone is updated with ios 9.2.
    I have try go through instragram setting. i even tried to send it to my facebook and share. it wont work either. Im running out of options please.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      The process hasn’t changed. The part that has is that the share option doesn’t immediately work to share to Facebook. You have to share to Instagram first, then go select share and share to Facebook. It broke a little while ago and they haven’t bothered to fix it.

      • sadyunyun

        I did. I did post an image on Instagram first then share it to Facebook, it will automatically send me to safari and put in my Facebook account and password. I did everything that I know. It didn’t work.

        • Christian Karasiewicz

          It should work @sadyunyun:disqus. Just used it for a client. You would post it to Instagram. Then in Instagram, make sure you have your Facebook Page connected and then go to the post you just shared and select share…on Facebook.

          • sadyunyun

            I tried. I couldn’t seem to able to get my Instagram connect to Facebook or have my Facebook connect to Instagram:(

          • Christian Karasiewicz

            @sadyunyun:disqus, you may need to completely logout of Facebook and Instagram on your device, restart your device, and start from scratch, connecting Instagram first.

  • Donna Reiners

    I have not been able to successfully CHANGE the link on my IG to the FB account I WANT to use….its very irritating. Can you please help? I have unlinked…I have thrown ditched the app and started over..etc…but it continues to link me to my other facebook account..

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @donnareiners:disqus, what device are you using? iOS or Android? On iOS, you also want to make sure you logout completely out of Facebook and Instagram – not just from the app, but for Facebook, in the settings menu. Then restart your device and access Instagram. It should ask you to authenticate with Facebook at that point. Try that. If you’re still stuck, please reach out for further coaching. Thanks!

      • Donna Reiners

        Interesting. I did what you said.
        Then, when I logged into IG and told it to connect with FB….it reverts to my OTHER IG account…………..sooooo strange!!!!

      • Donna Reiners

        Thank you…after several attempts…it was successful. I really appreciate your help. God bless you…d

        • Christian Karasiewicz

          So glad to hear @donnareiners:disqus. Can you share what you ended up trying to get yours working?

  • Ken Kixmoeller

    I have the same question as Donna, below, but for me it is Android. I want to link Instagram to a page I own and manage, but can only get it to link to my primary, personal FB account. Ideas?

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      You may need to completely log out of Facebook and Instagram on the device. Restart it, and then try logging back in. If you’re still stuck then @kenkixmoeller:disqus, can you reach out Thanks!

  • Ken Kixmoeller

    I have the same issue as Donna (in the following message) but on Android. I’d like to share Instagram content to a “group” page I own, not my primary, personal Facebook page. I’d appreciate your suggestions (including third-party software).

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @kenkixmoeller:disqus, do you mean to Facebook Groups? While you can’t share directly to a group from Instagram, you can use the work-arounds mentioned in this article. Just swap out Facebook Pages for Facebook Groups.

  • Michelle

    Hello Christian
    I have an S5. I tried uploading a video to my instagram that contained music so initially it was uploaded to myfacebook business page, but then removed by Facebook citing possible copyright etc. I tried several times before I realized music was the issue. I then created same video with no music and now it is no longer going to Facebookat all. Since then I rebooted phone, logged out of both instragram and facebook, cleared my cache, unlinked and re linked. Even tried linking to my personal fb page. The video will not go to Facebook. Not sure what else to try. : (

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      How are you trying to send them to your Facebook Page? At one point, you could select the page you wanted to send a post to and then select send to Facebook, but that broke. Try sharing it to Instagram first and then share it to a connected Facebook Page. Here are some other options that I’ve written about as well that are worth checking out.

  • Nova Stokes


    This blog seems to be the only place where I can find help. I can no longer share photos to my facebook page from Instagram. A few days ago it was fine and not i keep getting “no manageable pages found” I have logged out both apps, I have relinked, I have changed passwords, I have restarted my phone and nothing is working. Im so frustrated can you please help me? I do not have a business page on FB I have my personal page and thats it.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      Hi @novastokes:disqus. If you don’t have a Facebook Page for your business, you would just want to select Facebook and you should see your Facebook Profile as an option.

      As far as sharing from Instagram, there is a bit of a bug on this. You have to share it on Instagram and then go share the post on Facebook – so two shares.

      The first thing I would recommend is to logout of Instagram and Facebook. Then restart your device. When your device comes back on, go to Instagram. Login. Then try to connect to Facebook. Everything should be working for you. If not, feel free to reach out to my team. Thank you!

  • Rachel Darnell-Heath

    I want to link one instagram acct to two facebook pages.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      You can’t link one Instagram account to two Facebook Pages unless you use a third-party tool. Instagram only let’s you select one Facebook account at a time – either a Profile or a Page and only one. Here is some more information on how you can share to multiple Facebook Pages at once @racheldarnellheath:disqus.