LinkedIn Showcase Pages image dimensions

LinkedIn Showcase Pages image dimensions – Infographic

Do you maintain a LinkedIn Company Page for your business? Did you know you can extend your company page to spotlight your brand, or products using LinkedIn Showcase Pages.

Because this page represents a piece of your business, you want to make sure when you are setting up your LinkedIn Showcase Pages, you size your images properly.

This way your brand or products will look their best to people who are following them.

LinkedIn company page with showcase pages
Example of a LinkedIn Company Page with LinkedIn Showcase Pages.

One thing you will notice, LinkedIn Showcase Pages look very similar to Facebook Pages. Unfortunately, the image dimensions are not the same.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages example
Example of a LinkedIn Showcase Page.

Learn which image sizes you need for your LinkedIn Showcase Pages with this handy infographic.

If you find this infographic on LinkedIn Showcase Pages image dimensions helpful, be sure to pin it on Pinterest by hovering over each image. If you like, you can also grab the embed code at the bottom to include this infographic on your own site as well. 

LinkedIn Showcase Pages image dimensions

LinkedIn Showcase Pages image dimensions   For those of you who want a text version of LinkedIn Showcase Pages image dimensions, here are the key sizes you will need.

Specs for LinkedIn Showcase Pages

Hero image (976 x 360 px) The hero image is the large banner at the top of your LinkedIn Showcase Pages.

Standard Logo (100 x 60 px) The standard logo size is the logo you will see within your LinkedIn Showcase Pages hero image.

Square Logo (50 x 50 px) The square logo shows up on your LinkedIn Company Page. This logo is also used when updates are shared from your LinkedIn Showcase Pages within a users network.

Page Name (60 characters) When naming your LinkedIn Showcase Pages, it is recommended to use up to 60 characters.

Page Description (70 – 200 characters) – For your showcase pages company description, this should be as complete as possible and include your website URL.

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  • Antonio Calero

    Very useful Infographic, and great idea provide some text guidelines at the end.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      @Antonio Calero:disqus definitely! Needed to do a little explaining. What do you think about LinkedIn Showcase Pages – compared to Facebook Pages? They look VERY similar.

      • Antonio Calero

        They look very similar indeed. Linkedin is offering a great range of tools for businesses that unfortunately not many are using. I see a great potential in this area.

        • Christian Karasiewicz

          I see tremendous benefits to using LinkedIn as well – not just from a strictly corporate perspective. And the look of these new showcase pages – reminds me of what Facebook should be.

  • Fran Fenton Eleazer

    Great post, Christian. How do you see these showcase pages as fitting in with the Products and Services on the LinkedIn company pages? I’m getting ready to set up a law firm and I’m wondering which is more appropriate for the Practice areas.

    • Christian Karasiewicz

      Thanks @SocialSparkMedia:disqus. LinkedIn Showcase Pages fit within Company Pages. You need the company page in order to create the showcase page.

      I would think on the company page you would give details about the overall business. Then with the showcase pages, you could have pages for each area of practice. This way someone can follow one area if they are not interested in all parts of the practice.

      • Fran Fenton Eleazer

        The Products & Services pages are also detailed pages that you can add to your company page. I have used these in the past for attorney practice areas. People can recommend your services on these pages. I wonder if they have a comparison on LinkedIn about when to use one or the other.

        • Christian Karasiewicz

          @SocialSparkMedia:disqus I would go with the showcase pages. I think you’ll end up getting more traffic to them instead of the products and services tabs.

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