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How to bring back Facebook questions to Facebook Pages

Are you looking for more ways to interact and engage with your fans?

Previously, you could use the Facebook questions feature to ask questions and run polls on your Facebook Page.

This allowed page owners to set which answers fans could select from.

Facebook questions
Example of Facebook questions

When Facebook removed the questions feature, Facebook Pages lost a valuable tool to engage with their fans.

Pages had to resort to posting a status update and let fans add their own answers through Facebook comments.

This meant you could end up with a variety of different answers. to your question.

If you were looking for a specific one, this would skew your results.

Today we are going to teach you how to add back the ability to ask questions and run polls on your Facebook Page with the help of Shortstack.

Why create a Facebook landing page tab to display polls and questions?

According to Social Bakers, polls and questions can help increase engagement.

They can also add variety to your Facebook Page. This way you are not just posting text updates or photos.

Example of a Facebook Page with a poll widget

Poll widget on a Facebook Page

Let’s get started teaching you how to add questions and polls to your Facebook Page using Shortstack.

Running Facebook polls and questions on a Facebook Page using Shortstack

To run Facebook polls and questions on your Facebook Page, watch this video tutorial.

Step 1: Login to Shortstack

Step 2: Click “create blank app” under the apps section.

Here you will be able to name your Facebook landing page app.

Step 3: Select “Make app”

Step 4: Add the polls widget.

Step 5: In the polls widget, select the pencil icon.

Here, you can add your questions and answers.

Polls widget in Shortstack
Example of the polls widget in Shortstack.

If you want to make Facebook polls and questions look more exciting, you can add images.

You can also add CSS styling to make your landing page standout more.

Step 6: Publish your Faceboook landing page tab to your Facebook Page.

Install a video Facebook landing page app
Click install app to install the video Facebook landing page app.

When you are ready to publish your new Facebook landing page tab, click on “Install App” and choose how you want to publish your tab.

Publish a landing page
Publish a tab from Shortstack on a Facebook landing page tab

If you want to try out the Facebook landing page we just built to display polls and questions on our Facebook Page, click here.

Don’t forget most Facebook landing page tabs don’t work on mobile. Because we built this one using Shortstack, ours will. Try it out on mobile.

Going beyond questions and answers on a Facebook Page

In addition to running a poll on your Facebook Page, here are some other things you do with Shortstack.

Facebook landing page tabs created using Shortstack:

Your turn

Do you have questions about running Facebook polls and questions on your Facebook Page using Shortstack?

Leave a comment below with your questions and comments.