Modern marketing with the modern marketer [Infographic]

Modern marketing infographic

In just a few short years, marketing has changed. In fact, we’re now looking at modern marketing as being the new standard.

This means that marketers aren’t just coming up with ideas and passing them off to a designer to make those ideas come to life.

Modern marketing now blends the role of the marketer with the role of the creative team.

This means you essentially have a jack-of-all-trades on your team – someone who is creative, understands social media, but also has the skills to be able to comprehend, track, and measure the results of their efforts as well.

While marketing used to be an area that most business owners didn’t understand or didn’t see value in spending money on. Today, with the rise of digital media, marketing has moved to the forefront. In fact, it’s now one of the first things a business thinks about when creating a product.

This is because while marketing used to mean spending lots of money to get the word out about a product, modern marketing has provided a new means of getting the word out – all while tightening the pursestrings.

So what skills does a modern marketer need to succeed?

  • Ability to write
  • Capable of creating visual content
  • Social media skills
  • Capable of crafting compelling email marketing campaigns
  • Expert at budgeting
  • Master performance tracker
  • Trendspotting

In addition to having the skills mentioned above, the modern marketer also needs to know the 10 commandment of modern marketing so that they can learn what makes a good marketer and what makes a bad marketer.

Learn more about the skills needed in modern marketing with this infographic from Pardot, a marketing and analytics company.

Modern marketing – part artist, part scientist

Modern marketing infographic


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