7 types of social media fans and making the most of them [Infographic]

Social media fans
Chances are, you’ve come across one of these social media fans at some point. It could be someone you know, your friend, a fan on your Facebook Page, or even you!

Reachlocal recently published the following infographic on the different types of social media fans that you’ll find online.

According to Reachlocal, there are the seven types of fans that you’ll likely encounter.

The seven most popular types of social media fans are:

  • The quiet follower
  • The casual listener
  • The deal seeker
  • The unhappy customer
  • The ranter
  • The cheerleader
  • The loyal fan

To find out which kind of social media fan you are, check out the infographic below.

7 types of social media fans

Social media fans

Tapping into your social media fans

As a business owner, it is important to identify your fans. Not only can this help you to better understand who they are, but it can help you improve different aspects of your business as well.

Here are a few examples on how identifying different types of social media fans can help you improve other areas of your business.

The cheerleader

If you have identified a fan who is a cheerleader, you can leverage these fans by reaching out to them to write a guest blog post on your site. If you have new products coming out, be sure to ask them if they would be interested in sharing this information. Chances are, they will (and for free).

The unhappy customer

While not all of your customers will be happy with your products, you can leverage these negatives and turn them into a positive!

If you have any unhappy customers, instead of brushing them aside, use this as an opportunity to ask them what they didn’t like about your products.

Ask unhappy customers what they didn’t like about your product so that you can correct it.

While you may not be able to convince them to stay, you can  use it to improve your products moving forward.

Question: Which one of these social media fans did you identify most with? Let me know. You can leave a comment by clicking here.