Pinterest for business - should your business use it? [Infographic]

Pinterest for Business – Is It Right for You? [Infographic]

Pinterest for Business – Is It Right For you?

Pinterest for business – it’s a topic I often hear a lot about.  It’s also an area where I see a lot of businesses mess up too. That’s because most businesses join Pinterest for the wrong reasons. 

Pinterest for business and why a strategy matters

While there are a number of successful businesses on Pinterest, not all businesses will achieve these levels.  Those that are successful often have a social media strategy in place and the following items defined.

  • A defined set of goals
  • An action plan to help achieve your goals
  • Performance indicators to help you measure if you were successful

Without a strategy in place, don’t expect just being on Pinterest to do very much for your business.  You can add a Pinterest social media icon to your website to let visitors know you’re on the site.  You can do the same with your email newsletter too.  While you may get a few people to follow you on Pinterest, don’t expect a ton of people.

The reason why you need a strategy in place is because people want to follow Pinterest users who are pinteresting.

If your business doesn’t have a lot of original content – your own images and videos – you may want to reconsider using Pinterest for business.  The same goes if you don’t have the time or the resources to dedicate to Pinterest.  As I mentioned, Pinterest for business is not for everyone. It’s a social media channel you have to work at in order to build up followers and fans.

If you’re still unsure if Pinterest for business is right for you, this infographic can help you decide if Pinterest for business is a good idea.

Pinterest for business and how to decide if your’s should be on it:

Pinterest for business - should your business use it? [Infographic]

[Source: Intuit]

Question: Is Pinterest for business right for you?  Click here to share a link to your Pinterest business channel and tell us if you’re seeing results from having your business on Pinterest.