Rearrange Facebook albums

Getting more organized with Facebook photo albums

Are your Facebook photo albums a mess? Do you wish you could rearrange Facebook albums?

For those of you who plan to get more organized in 2014, a good place to start is with the Facebook photo albums. Not only is it relatively easy to create an album, but this action of getting organized can spillover into your personal life as well.

Here is a handy shortcut to help get your Facebook photo albums more organized on Facebook Profiles and Facebook Pages.

Rearrange Facebook albums
Rearranging Facebook photo albums can be time-consuming. Source: Joyoflife.

To rearrange Facebook albums, follow these steps.

How to rearrange Facebook albums

Rearrange Facebook albums on Facebook Profiles

Step 1: Click the following link

Step 2: Drag your Facebook photo albums to their new position

Facebook photo albums

You can also rearrange Facebook albums for Facebook Pages as well.

Rearrange Facebook albums on Facebook Pages

To rearrange Facebook albums for pages, the instructions are a little different.

Step 1: Visit your Facebook Page

Step 2: Click on Photos

Step 3: Click on Albums

Step 4: Drag your albums to reorder them

Do you need to organize your Facebook photo albums?

It depends. On one had, you can put your most important photo albums first. This way you can let your friends and fans know which albums you consider the most important.

At the same time though, if you are constantly uploading new photos to different albums, the last album you upload a photo to will always appear in the first position.

For those of you who upload photos from a mobile device, you need to be aware that Facebook defaults photos to the mobile uploads folder, so be sure you select the right photo album each time you upload a photo.

Why it is a good idea to rearrange photo albums

Just like it is important to have a strategy for your Facebook marketing efforts, it is important to also keep your Facebook content organized. This way your friends and fans can easily get to the photos that you share.

Me personally, I like to create specific photo albums ahead of time and then use those as my main albums to upload new photos to.

For example, if I am sharing photos related to marketing tips for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, I would create separate photo albums for each.

This way I can direct my fans to one specific album via a link to that photo album. This makes it easier for my fans to know which album to look in. It also makes it easier to share in a status update.


Organizing photo albums can be a time-saver when done right. This means having a plan for the photo albums you will need.

Question: How many photo albums do you have and how often do you rearrange the photo albums?