How to search Twitter using Google

Search Twitter Using Google For Faster Results

One of the questions I often get asked about is how do I get more followers on Twitter?  Gaining followers on Twitter is a two way street. For starters, it’s something that you have to work at.  You cannot just join Twitter and expect to get a lot of quality followers overnight.  So how do you build your network of followers on Twitter?  First off, you need to tweet good content. This means content that people will want to share.  Here’s an example. Second, you’ll need to spend some time searching Twitter for other users and topics you should follow. For this, I recommend that you search Twitter using Google.

Search Twitter using Google for faster and more accurate results

Why search Twitter using Google?

Twitter search isn’t broken. It still works. It’s just not easy to find tweets.  When you search Twitter using Google, it opens you up to a whole lot more possibilities.  Using a Google search also has a number of advantages.

Advantages of searching Twitter using Google

  • Faster search results
  • Find specific tweets without having to scroll through other tweets
  • Search for hashtags
  • Search for users
  • Search through all tweets (and get pagination)
  • Leverage Google advanced search capabilities

How to search Twitter using Google

  1. Go to
  2. In the search box, enter “ some query”
  3. Hit Google Search

Sure, you can search Twitter using Twitter search, but I just find Google to be faster and they provide better search results.  One of the biggest challenges with Twitter search is that it’s often difficult to navigate through the results.  Say you want to get to a tweet that was posted a few months ago.  Did you find it yet?

For those of you who are looking for good social media time management techniques, this is a good one to add to your list.  Practicing good social media time management means learning to shave off a few seconds here, and few seconds there.  When you search Twitter using Google, not only does it help find things faster, but it gives me back extra time that can be spent doing something else.  Not to mention, you can build your network of Twitter followers in the process. To me, this sounds like a big win!

Question: What challenges do you find with using the normal Twitter search? Send me a tweet @ckroks with your thoughts.